How Can Highly Emotional People Stand Up For Themselves Without Appearing As Big Babies


One struggle highly emotional people face is dealing with the negativities in the daily life.

Some people think that because you’re highly sensitive, feeling angry or depressed is not really that much serious; that you’re just this way because you are overly sensitive.

But they do not understand that, even though your emotions might be more intense than how others feel in a certain situation, your emotions are as real as anyone else’s emotions.

What others forget is that emotional people are human beings who have to live with the human world. When you see an injustice, they can’t expect you to just shut up.

You need to get angry when you have to and process every human emotion to stay balanced and healthy, no matter if these emotions are a bit more intense. You can’t just discredit every negative emotion just because you are a bit more sensitive.

Not knowing how to handle them is where problems arise. And that’s where highly emotional people differ from the rest of the world.

As a highly emotional person, you have a lot more intense energy to handle when dealing with your emotions. However, you have to learn how to handle this energy and use it in your favor. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself and acknowledge your emotions in a healthy way.

3 Steps Highly Emotional People Can Stand Up For Themselves:how-can-highly-emotional-people-stand-up-for-themselves

1. Allow your emotions to settle down.

Most highly emotional people who are facing their inner demons are downright mean or cruel. This is because they try to run away from their emotions and project their suffering outwards.

They are insensitive to the feelings of others and lash out immediately at anyone who may oppose them.

Instead, give yourself time to understand your emotions. Do not try to run away from them. Observe them. Name them. Give them descriptions. When you know what place they’re coming from, and what messages they come to share, it’s easier for you to adjust.

2. Set your boundaries.

You need to cut your ties with toxic people. It’s your duty to protect yourself and not pamper others by tolerating their negative or abusive behaviors.

Because you are highly emotional, other people’s toxic behavior has a strong influence on you. You feel their negativity 10 times more than what others might feel it.

Your time and energy are precious. Don’t waste them on people who don’t see any value in them. Even more, don’t waste them on people who feed you with negativity.

3. Never suppress your emotions.

Even if you’re a highly emotional individual, who sometimes might appear as overly dramatic or too sensitive, you should not suppress your emotions for anyone.

Loving people is not equal to harming yourself so others feel comfortable. Loving people means being honest with them and sharing what bothers you when you have to. Allow yourself to feel these emotions. It’s okay to feel how you feel, no matter how unreasonable it might seem.

Emotions are one thing, reason is another. Let yourself feel whatever you feel and later you will decide if it was reasonable or not. The moment you feel something, that’s real for you. Acknowledge that, but do not mistake it for reality, nor suppress it. Just let yourself feel it.