10 Inner Traits That Will Help You Overcome Every Challenge Life Throws At You


Facing obstacles is part of our daily grind. From dealing with relationship conflicts to unpredictable life challenges, we all have them.

What keeps us going is the amount of resilience we have in dealing with these tough situations.

But the question is, how resilient are you? You may have the ability to pacify a confused friend but unable to deal with your own inner problems like self criticism.

The key to cultivating resilience to most of the challenges thrown at you every single day is something you need to construct inside yourself.

You will need to find the 10 inner strengths within yourself that construct this mental armor.

When you cultivate these traits, you’ll drastically reduce the effect stress, anxiety, disappointment, or pain has on you.

Here Are The 10 Inner Traits That Will Help You Overcome Life’s Challenges:10-inner-traits-overcome-every-challenge

1. Compassion

Compassion opens our eyes to the sufferings and burdens of other people as well as ourselves. This comes with the desire to help as much as we can.

Cultivate compassion by helping someone with something, no matter how small, every single day.

2. Grit

A strength in character enables us to persevere in every situation and be resourceful, especially in pursuing long term goals.

Cultivate grit by trying something new and by putting yourself in situations you are not familiar with.

3. Calm

Being calm enables us to think clearly while in possibly threatening situations and creates emotional balance.

Cultivate calm by learning to relax in crowded and stressful places.

4. Courage

Courage makes us determined in standing for ourselves and others. It’s the strength we can draw upon while facing pain or grief.

Cultivate courage by stretching your comfort zone every single day.

5. Mindfulness

Staying in the present moment prevents us from mindlessly juggling our thoughts in the past or to the future.

Cultivate mindfulness by practicing mindfulness meditation every morning.

6. Gratitude

Gratefulness opens our eyes to value the most important things in our lives. It helps us to be appreciative of what’s around us.

Cultivate gratitude by listing out 10 things you are grateful for every single day.

7. Confidence

The feeling of being able to rely on something or someone helps in our feelings of self assurance and self worth.

Cultivate confidence by building your self esteem and reference memories from when you faced your fears and were courageous despite the outcome.

8. Motivation

The willingness to pursue something despite all odds keeps us moving.

Cultivate motivation by reminding yourself of the core reason why you kept pushing all this time and of how far you’ve come.

9. Honesty

Opening our lives to others and allowing them to become a part of it contributes to our feelings of wholeness.

Cultivate honesty by not lying to yourself and opening up to someone of how you really feel every single day.

10. Generosity

Sharing with others intangible things like compassion and forgiveness expands our worlds.

Cultivate generosity by sharing something you posses with someone else every day.