5 Counterintuitive Tips To Free Yourself From The Prison Of Negative Thinking


Negative thoughts are triggered by unpleasant experiences we have encountered in one way or another. Mulling over them for a time is natural.

It’s human nature to seek for the reasons why things never happen in the most favorable circumstances. From the arguments in your head, you dig out the lessons from which you may carry out the right set of actions to be taken in the future.

Only that negative thinking tends to stay longer than the positive ones. What’s worst, if it becomes your default thinking, it’s a habit not worth tolerating because it will surely cost your happiness and those of the people around you.

To break this habit, try to apply these following tips in your life.

5 Counterintuitive Tips To Free Yourself From Negative Thinking:Counterintuitive Tips Free From Prison Negative Thinking

1. Embrace the negativity.

Negative thinking persuades you into believing that things should be perfect and that you will accomplish flawlessly whatever it is you’re after.

The moment things don’t go as planned, the negative thinking tells you, “I told you so”. And you’re left feeling a failure and not being good at anything.

Failures are not designed to stop you, rather they’re only pointers that tell you when things aren’t falling the way they should be. When you shift your perspective about failure, every time it comes up in your mind you’ll no longer see it as working against you.

Acknowledging the presence of negative thoughts is one way of having power over them. Owning them releases yourself from blaming other people for how you feel.

From this perspective, you will have the ability to choose how to react, responding in the most favorable way that empowers you.

When you know that you’re the only one who can change your own negative thinking, you have more control in changing your life for the better.

2. Challenge the negative thinking.

When things don’t go your way, how would you respond? The worst-case scenario might be playing in your mind. This is often the case for most of us.

But then thinking this way distorts reality itself. It’s a trap that makes you interpret the actions of others in the wrong way.

For example, the person you expect to have a date didn’t arrive. Instead of having false interpretations by thinking they don’t like you, ask what could the matter be.

This provides you a lot of possibilities that steer you away from your negative thinking.

3. Let go and forgive.

Forgiveness is the first step of being able to let go of the painful memories that are lurking in your mind. Make a decision to let go of those memories as well as the person associated with it.

When you forgive, you liberate yourself and the other person. This may take time but is worth your effort.

4. Stop playing it small.

Negative thinking makes you feel small and locks yourself inside a box. Your inner monologue tells you that whenever you get out of that box, other people will hurt you. Thus, you choose not to act or speak.

However, playing small doesn’t bring you anywhere nor does it protect you from pain. What it does is rob you of the joy that comes with personal growth.

Regardless of what your mind is telling you, rise up, think big, and be big.

5. Meditate.

The best benefit a meditation practice can give you is the realization that your thoughts do not make up who you are. The more you meditate, the more you have a clear idea that you’re not the person your negative thinking claims you to be.

Meditation has the power to free you from identifying yourself with the patterns of your thoughts. Practice meditation until negative thinking loses its power over you.

Sure, negative things happen from time to time. And they do hurt.

But they’re not enough to cripple you forever because you have what it takes to face every pain and negativity without becoming their slave.

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