How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This March To Be A Better Version Of Yourself


The past month we spoke about putting a little bit more action into your goals and new habits. This month is about letting your heart speak up.

While keeping your schedule that’s moving you forward toward reaching your goals, give yourself space to reconnect with your heart. Remind yourself of what gives you happiness.

What are your passions? What makes you happy and excited?

Grinding and success is all good. But the energy that fills you up and keeps you going is found from the things that your heart aims at.

So here is what you should do this month to create an environment around you where your heart will be free to speak up.

3 Things To Do This March To Be The Best Self:Best Self 3 Things March Better Version

1. Socialize

Make a challenge for yourself to socialize every day. And socialize more outside rather than on social media, but you can do that too as long as you communicate with different people. Go out, meet a friend over for a cup of coffee, join a club, meet new people, you can even create a party. The important thing is to be around people and socialize. If you want to push your limits a little more you can challenge yourself to add a new contact every day.

2. Read one book that you always wanted to read

We all have one book that we want to read but for some reason postpone. This month get that book and actually read it. Your heart wants something from that book that your conscious self is not aware of.

3. Create something

Make a challenge for yourself to create something. You can start painting, crafting, writing, editing and building whatever your heart choses. You can open Pinterest and look up some fun DIY and actually try to do them. If you want to push your limits a little more you can challenge yourself to try something new, or create something, every day. Let your heart play with different things and it will start expressing itself.