If You Have More Than 4 Of These 10 Traits You Belong To One Of The Rarest Personalities


It’s like this. You are a soul that slowly builds a character as it develops and integrates into society. However, your personality is going to fit into one of 16 personality types.

These 16 personality types are based on a couple of factors that determine your configuration. And yes, we are all unique in our own way but there are certain elements and patterns that are exactly the same in all of us.

Having this in mind, do you wonder what is the rarest combination of these elements and traits? What’s the rarest personality? Maybe you belong in this group?

The INFJ personality type is said to be the rarest of the rare as according to Carl Jung.

And what does INFJ stand for? Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. And if you have 4 or more of the following traits, then you are one of them.

10 Traits Of The Rarest Personality In The World:10 Traits Of The Rarest Personalities

1. They focus on things that matter and don’t waste their energy onto anything and everything. Also the ones who know how to get back up after let downs.

2. They are willing to work hard for their dreams because they know there are no shortcuts to success. You will not find them lazing around.

3. They trust their intuition when something doesn’t feel right, or even when something does. They listen to their gut feeling and are, more often than not, rewarded.

4. They don’t believe that they need a bigger social circle to be happy. They are content with a few friends that they have and keep them very close.

5. They are highly empathic. Those who can really understand the pain that the other person is going through because they can feel the emotions of others. Another reason why they prefer alone time and fewer friends, to relaxation.

6. They have a fair idea of what is going on in the minds of others. They can know when someone is being false and when someone is genuine.

7. They can imagine and visualize a world different than the current one. Those who can think out of the box and are not afraid to follow up on their ideas.

8. They can lead by example and also inspire others to follow their footsteps.

9. They believe in putting their thoughts to paper. Writers who choose the medium of the written word to influence others. Also because they prefer to spend time on their own, this is the best way to let others know what they feel.

10. They don’t get daunted by the problems ahead of them. Instead of panicking and giving up they strive to find a way out of the situation.

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