5 Truths About Karma That Will Tell You How It Works


Karma, a Sanskrit word that is viewed in spiritual belief as “getting what you give”, is also a universal law that is demonstrated by Newton as the Law of Action and Reaction.

Karma works as a series of events or chain reactions through the thousands of years we live in the other realms. Our every breathe, thought, or feeling causes a change in the astral and physical plane, which will then turn into actual events or reality.

In short, our ‘reality’ is the result of all our actions, thoughts, prayers, and curses in our present and past lives. However, these are not the only things karma is here to bring us.

The Universal Law of Karma is here not to work against us, but to work for us and our evolution.

5 Truths About Karma And How It Works:Truths Karma How It Works

1. Karma is here to help us avoid future suffering.

The Karmic Law is not here to judge nor punish us. It’s not an entity where our actions are weighed down and then either punishes or rewards us.

The source of karma is our Spirit itself which we are part of.

2. The purpose of karma is to free us from this realm.

The sufferings that we encounter, the rewards we get, and the challenges we face come our way to serve us the lessons that we significantly have to learn.

It’s in this way that the Law of Karma works, to aid us in our evolution until we are free from this plane of existence.

3. The slightest effort is recognized.

In times of deep trouble, when you see nothing but hardships, keep in mind that even your slightest effort counts in changing your chain reaction.

You will have what you crave for, especially when you change the workings of your mind in your favor.

4. Karma is proven by science.

Doing good activates the feel-good hormones in our brain. This will then create a positive chain reaction that can actually heal us and change our lives in more meaningful ways.

5. You’re able to release negative emotional baggage when you understand karma.

Having a keen understanding of how your thoughts and actions work gives you a clue that you’re able to change every outcome by changing your own thoughts and actions. In so doing, you release every pain, hatred, anger, or misery that is making your world a living hell.

This understanding shifts your mind from identifying yourself from the victim to the victor. You will then take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and your life.

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