35 Symptoms That Tell You Have A Blocked Chakra


The energy centers in the human body are represented by the chakras. It provides connectedness between the physical body and the spiritual body.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel”. It was called to be so because each center is connected to the next, creating a loop of energy that surrounds the body.

Having an illness in the body could be a sign that there is a blockage or weakness in the chakras.

However, it is easier to address the source of your physical symptoms when you are aware of the particular part of your body that is connected to the chakra.

Find out below what symptoms are manifested when a particular chakra is blocked.


35 Symptoms You Have A Blocked Chakra:35 Symptoms Have A Blocked Chakra

The Root Chakra – Earth Element

The Root Chakra is represented by the color red and is located at the base of the spine.

It governs survival and it’s blocked by unmanaged fear.

When blocked, you feel the following symptoms:

1. You feel sluggish and stuck in life.

2. You often find yourself in a financial crisis.

3. You have feelings of abandonment.

4. You hate yourself for no important reason.

5. You are afraid for security.

The Sacral Chakra – Water Element

The color orange represents the Sacral Chakra which is found below the belly button.

It governs connection and it’s blocked by guilt.

When there is a blockage in this chakra, you will suffer from the following symptoms:

6. You are having trouble with intimacy.

7. You feel being compulsive, abused, or you might be the one who does the abuse to yourself.

8. You believe that sex is bad.

9. You see yourself negatively.

10. You lack connection with others.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – Fire Element

Yellow represents the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is located at the navel, just two inches below the breastbone.

It governs power and it’s blocked by shame.

When there is a blockage, you will suffer from the following symptoms:

11. You feel like you are a victim of the world’s circumstances.

12. You easily give in to the whims of other people.

13. You lack self esteem and unable to go on with your dreams and passions.

14. You seek approval of others.

15. You associate your self worth with the value others give you.

The Heart Chakra – Air Element

The color green represents the Heart Chakra that is located at the center of the chest.

It governs love and it’s blocked by grief.

Once blocked, the following symptoms are imminent:

16. You are afraid to commit yourself.

17. You feel you have to guard yourself from love for the fear of getting hurt.

18. You are resentful.

19. You don’t feel a sense of purpose and meaning.

20. You don’t feel joy.

The Throat Chakra – Sound Element

The color blue symbolizes the Throat Chakra that is located in the hollow of the throat.

It governs expression and it’s blocked by lies.

When there is a blockage, you are likely to suffer from the following symptoms:

21. You find it hard to speak up for yourself and make your point.

22. You try to please everyone.

23. You feel frustrated when others seem not to listen to you.

24. You lie often.

25. You speak too fast or don’t know when to stop.

The Third Eye Chakra – Light Element

The Third Eye Chakra is symbolized by the indigo color and is located between the eyebrows.

It governs perception and it’s blocked by illusions.

You will suffer from the following problems when there is a blockage in that area.

26. You find it difficult to find the meaning in your life.

27. You can’t sense your intuition.

28. You find making decisions a daunting task.

29. You overthink.

30. You can’t listen to your inner wisdom.

The Crown Chakra – Thought Element

Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra that is found at the top of the head.

It governs ascension and it’s blocked by attachment.

When it is blocked, the following symptoms are manifested:

31. You feel disconnected from the spiritual world and more attracted to the material world.

32. You don’t feel the guidance of the Higher energy.

33. You often have headaches and migraines.

34. You feel stuck at a pattern of bad decisions.

35. You are scared of change.

Bear in mind that an imbalance in one chakra affects the other chakras. This results to suffering from multiple blockages symptoms.

To solve this, you need to find the primary blockage and restore its flow of energy. You can do this by developing spiritual knowledge in the healing processes.

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