3 Ways Maintaining Eye Contact Heals The Soul


The eye is the window to our soul. Through the eyes, we’re able to see what the mouth can’t express.

The eye could hide nothing, meaning your eyes can’t lie. While this seems an old adage, more and more studies are done to back this up.

On the other hand, the eye can produce its magic through direct eye contact with another person. You can use your eye contact to see the other person as they are, touch their souls, and bring them healing.

3 Ways Maintaining Eye Contact Is Healing:Eye Contact Heals The Soul

1. Eye contact promotes a deeper connection.

Have you allowed yourself to go deeper into the person’s being by directly looking at them eye to eye? This unique act of keeping one’s eyesight encourages a deeper connection.

Regardless of the type of person you’re having this contact, both of you will benefit from the spark that triggers a deeper connection.

While the practice of long eye contact has diminished as our society is more inclined to technology, having an eye contact for about 60% to 70% of the time creates feelings of emotional attachment.

Looking people in the eye is a silent gesture that could mean you acknowledge their presence and is fully present with them. This creates the quality of the relationship you have with other people, which is an indicator of your level of peace and happiness.

The quality and quantity of your relationships affect your mental health, behavior, physical health, and even risk of death. In short, eye contact is essential in improving your emotional attachments.

The act of eye gazing is a well-known practice by the Buddhist tradition and spiritual psychology and has come to be accepted and practiced by many.

In this particular eye gazing model, the participants are put in pairs where they have to keep immediate and uninterrupted eye contact that could last between 60 seconds and 5 minutes.

This eye-gazing session serves as a journey of exploration of excitement and healing of emotions for the participants. They are to remain silent throughout the process and follow instructions while having a music played in the background.

2. Eye contact has a healing power.

The eye gazing practice helps the participants to see themselves in the person sitting opposite to them. In so doing, the illusion of separation is directly challenged, making them experience the fundamental unity.

Others commented that eye gazing opened them doors to a new way of seeing things differently. They come to see the world both from the inside and from the outside.

At the energetic level, powerful healing waves are felt throughout the room, which encouraged them to feel a deep sense of unity with everyone and everything that is.

3. Eye contact touches the soul.

Eye gazing has the ability of bringing the participants into a meditative state. While in this state, they slowly recall their innate values.

Once they accept and surrender everything they’re emotionally emanating, it’s easier for them to go deeper and make their experience richer.

Being seen without the need to do something or say anything to be appreciated has a significant influence on our psyche.

With these knowledge, try to improve your relationship with others by truly looking at them in the eye. Better yet, practice eye gazing for a longer time with your significant other, or with your friend, or even with your pet.

Your eye is a very powerful tool that you can use for your personal and spiritual advancement. It’s free and it’s yours. Use it fully because it’s a gift that blesses you and others.

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