Top 5 Spiritual Qualities That Are Essential In Your Journey


Our times have been changing more than ever before. To cope with the change, we also have to change ourselves to evolve into the being that we truly are.

This change doesn’t have to be taken in big leaps, instead, taking baby steps is a gentle way of nudging ourselves into becoming the person we want to be.

You can begin this change by having a reality check on the qualities you have. There may be some that need to be improved and developed.

The following qualities might be helpful in your personal and spiritual development. You don’t need to do all of them at once to avoid exhaustion.

For best results start doing one at a time.

Top 5 Spiritual Qualities:Top 5 Spiritual Qualities

1. Defenselessness

Defensiveness is a trait we have been accustomed to since birth. We kept on defending ourselves from prejudices, unfair judgments, and labeling.

We defend ourselves from getting hurt, being poisoned, from war, from insults, or from arguments. However, the more we defend ourselves, the more we attract the things that make us more defensive.

The Law of Attraction works this way. If we’re to attract peace and become the light we’re supposed to be, we need to walk in the path of defenselessness.

Embracing defenselessness as a way of life makes us trust the spirit or our guiding energy to bring us people and circumstances that don’t require us to be defensive.

By being defenseless, we increase the chances of having a harmonious relationship with ourselves and our bodies. In knowing who we are, we no longer have any reason to raise our defenses up.

2. Being of service to others

Being of service to others means we have to bring ourselves into a higher vibration by understanding the universal law of “oneness”.

In serving others without expecting anything in return, we’re raising our frequency to become the non dual beings we truly are.

“Service to others” is the opposite of selfishness, duality, and expertness.

3. Humility

In our spiritual journey, honesty with ourselves is a must. If you’ve looked into yourself and found that you have a problem in accepting negative feedback, or you feel that you have the need to be always right, then humility is a quality you need to work on.

Become more humble by listening more. You may have better ideas than the other person but be patient with what they have to say. No matter how simple their thinking might be, they still carry a wisdom that you may learn from.

Be grateful for everything that you have and the people in your life, whether they love you or take you for granted. Each of them carries a life lesson for you.

Learn to accept setbacks and failures. These things are lessons to learn from.

When you see them this way and accept them with humility, it would be easier for you to learn from them and not see yourself as a victim of your circumstances.

4. Honesty

Practice honesty with yourself, with others, and with the world as well. When the words that come out of your mouth are true, you’ll become a manifestor of your reality.

Lies, including those we refer as white, create disharmony with the truth. Being honest makes your life much simpler because you’re more open and aren’t afraid of covering up things with more lies.

Mean what you say and take responsibility for all your actions.

5. Joy

Joy is the inner child’s innate quality that slowly gets lost as we get older. Because we identify with our perception of ‘getting older’, we start to see life as about our career, our job, and our responsibilities.

Fears, worries, anxieties, and others push joy away from our grasp because we start to see joy as only for kids.

But, joy should not be considered only for children. Joy is in us.

When we cultivate this quality in ourselves once again, we will know that growing doesn’t have to be getting old. Being joyful is becoming old in age gracefully.