10 Destructive Myths You Have About Life And Need To Replace With These Universal Truths


After four years of her bout with cancer, Anita Moorjani’s organs started shutting down putting her into a deep coma. The doctor informed her family that her organs failed and she’s in the final hours of her life.

What was supposed to be the end was just the beginning of Moorjani’s second life. After 30 hours of deep sleep, Moorjani woke up and recalled how she was greeted by her deceased father and her best friend.

Both encouraged her to return back because it was not yet her time to exit from this physical world.

With much reluctance, she obliged and woke up from coma. Interestingly enough, within 4 days, her tumor shrunk about 70% and within 5 weeks she was cancer-free.

Her experience of NDE (Near Death Experience) was considered exceptional.

For this, she has been connected to organizations studying about NDE, got invited to speak about her experience and insights, and finally wrote a New York Times Bestseller book Dying To Be Me.

Anita Moorjani began to be sought after by suffering people who want healing the way she had had. Unluckily, as more and more people spoke to her of their suffering, the more she felt inadequate of helping them all.

After opening her soul to the universe, she received the insight that love for self is the key to helping people; and that “when you love yourself and know your true worth, there’s nothing you cannot do or heal…” It was knowing her worth that healed her cancer.

With this in mind, Moorjani wishes to guide us through the common myths of life we deemed true but are actually false.

We need to replace these 10 myths with the universal truths to find our true worth.

10 Destructive Myths Most People Have:10 Destructive Myths About Life Universal Truths

Myth 1: You deserve your lot.

Universal truth: Love is your birthright; you don’t need to earn it.

You’re worthy of unconditional love no matter what people say or think about you. In the other realm, we’re all recognized as beautiful, magnificent, and powerful creation of the universe.

Myth 2: You’re selfish if you love yourself.

Universal truth: You can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself first.

Loving yourself stems within you. When you feel the love for yourself, you won’t consume it, instead you’re able to share it. The more you share love, the more it exponentially grows.

Myth 3: Anything can happen in real love.

Universal truth: You can’t love another unconditionally until you love yourself unconditionally.

When unconditional love is present between people, no one is being used or abused because in a relationship such as this, both people enjoy the benefits. People who genuinely love unconditionally want only the best for the other person.

There is total acceptance where each one is accepted as they truly are without expecting them to fit in a certain idea or expectations.

Loving unconditionally could even mean letting the other person go than obligate or manipulate them to love you back.

Myth 4: We’re not okay.

Universal truth: We’re born perfect in every way.

Seeking guidance from outside yourself is not so much helpful because you’re born perfect as you are. You’re already everything you ever wanted to be.

You only feel broken because you’ve temporarily forgotten who you are.

Don’t take that the presence of challenges in your life indicates there’s something wrong with you. These challenges are essential in your journey of coming back to yourself.

Myth 5: Health care holds the key to our health.

Universal truth: Seeking guidance and deciding on the best course of action lies in your hands. 

Doctors and other health-care professionals only validate our physical condition, providing us with every piece of information we need. Seeking guidance and deciding the best course of action to take lies in yourself and no one else.

Poor health does not only indicate a medical problem, it also points out to your mental, emotional, or spiritual state of health.

Having an illness doesn’t mean you’re a victim because illness don’t come out of nowhere. There is more you can do in improving the state of your health.

An illness comes with different purposes. At times, it serves as a teacher or a wake-up call showing you a better path and not an evil to be destroyed, a consequence of a bad karma, or the result of negative thinking.

Even death could be a friend. You’ll gain a better perspective of the whole situation if you seek for the messages that an illness brings you. Once you see this, you’ll become more empowered and may change the outcome.

Myth 6: It’s all coincidence.

Universal truth: We’re part of one big, cosmic whole that’s intricately connected.

Because we are part of this big, cosmic whole, anything that harms another also harms us, and what helps another also helps us.

From a state of non-duality, everything that happens is perfect as it is; but from a limited earthly perspective, we see it differently.

Myth 7: Sins are paid at the time of death.

Universal truth: Only unconditional love and compassion exists on the other realm.

In the other realm, no one judges us or punishes us for the things we do or didn’t do while we’re on Earth. Our infinite selves—who we are on the other side—are completely devoid of any part of our physical-world identity.

We don’t carry our emotions with us. Instead, we feel only unconditional love, understanding, complete acceptance, and joyous ecstasy for being united with the divine and all that is.

Myth 8: Spiritual people are devoid of egos.

Universal truth: The ego is necessary for survival in the physical world and not an enemy that needs to be overcome.

The physical realm is a reality where we are to experience separation and duality with all its contrasting qualities. Without ego, it would be impossible to have experience this fully.

Upon birth, we’re equipped with a healthy ego and a healthy sense of conscious awareness. By loving ourselves and embracing our ego, we’re able to see ourselves beyond our ego, becoming fully aware of our infinite selves.

Myth 9: Women are weaker than men.

Universal truth: Both gender are needed to make a complete and balanced whole.

No gender is either superior or inferior in relation to each other because physical bodies don’t exist in the spirit realm.

Myth 10: Always remain positive.

Universal truth: Pushing negative thoughts away don’t make them disappear.

We are not our thoughts because thoughts come and go, and we have no control as to which thoughts will enter into our mind. The best we can do is see negative thoughts as they are.

Emotions associated with negativity, such as pain, anger, frustration, fear, and others must be embraced. These emotions are naturally part of being human.

Don’t think that experiencing them is being less spiritual. Rather, embrace pain and then allow yourself enough room to grow from the experience.

A negative thought doesn’t hurt as much as not loving ourselves enough.

Source: https://upliftconnect.com/how-to-experience-heaven-on-earth/ by Anita Moorjani;