4 Necessary Ingredients To Form A Harmonious Twin Flame Relationship


As soon as they meet, Twin Flames easily connect with each other. They create an intense bond, which makes them feel at home in each other’s arms.

However, this energetic connection that pulls them together has also the tendency to push them apart in the initial stages. Twin Flames are faced with the challenge of testing one another to maintain control and balance in their lives.

This egotistical power struggle will make them slave unless they will learn to break down from their ego and let go of the need for control.

The challenge they both face is on how they can harmoniously merge their energies and achieve balance. Once they do, they will find a sustainable and peaceful relationship.

To achieve unity in their higher calling, Twin Flames need to heal and balance these 4 ingredients.

The 4 Necessary Ingredients To Have Harmonious Twin Flame Relationship:Necessary Ingredients Harmonious Twin Flame Relationship

1. Emotional Connection

Twin Flames have been hardwired to open their heart center so that they could love deeper and harder once they meet each other.

With this deeper connection, they can communicate telepathically with whom they have an unconditional bond. This makes them feel reassured that the love and connection are mutual and authentic.

Twin Flames are energetic mirrors. Once they established a connection with one another, they are able to reflect another’s flaws, faults, and insecurities.

While this may seem negative, it is positive in the sense that both need to know where the unresolved issues and unsealed wounds are hiding.

Twin Flames trigger the hidden emotions that weren’t acknowledged or loved in the past, highlight the shadow sides that need forgivenesses and understanding, and help each other in loving themselves unconditionally and without fear.

Thus, it is essential that they bring into light everything that they feel ashamed of for acceptance and avoiding negative reactions when they feel uncomfortable or provoked.

Once each twin opens their hearts with courage and vulnerability, despite the possibility of rejection or getting hurt in the process, they will soon be rewarded with the highest and purest form of love.

2. Mental Connection

A Twin Flame’s mental connection is so strong they forget about the people around them or even the passing of time. They seem to be enchanted with each other’s presence that they give their focused attention.

They usually share the same beliefs, morals, values, interests, and goals in life. Or, when they are opposite, they are able to compliment one another and achieve balance by opening each other’s awareness and perception.

Twin Flames also have similar hobbies and share the same views about social causes or issues.

When they join together their talents and skills, they will complete their Earthly mission.

Twin Flames will find their union to be fulfilling when they mentally stimulate each other and keep their interest with one another.

3. Physical Connection

The moment Twin Flames meet, they trigger a physical and chemical attraction that releases their Kundalini energy, an awakening energy stored at the base of the spine.

With the release of this Kundalini energy, the Twin Flame’s spiritual growth is accelarated. They start to question various aspects of themselves and can see everything with fresh, new eyes.

Because of the awareness to their faults and flaws, they choose to separate to give focus on their healing. This soul work could take years before the Twin Flames are prepared to unite again.

When they do, they will experience a strong and powerful physical attraction because, this time, they already share the same unique energetic signature.

They both radiate an energy on the same frequency that feels harmonious, as if they have a spiritual oneness.

The Twin Flames attraction is both physical and energetic. Their physical presence is a bliss unto each other.

4. Spiritual Connection

A Twin Flames connection is rare and when they finally connect, their soul lessons empower them. The process makes them wise so long as they are open to learning.

Their inner work could be done separately or together. They just need to be compassionate in healing past emotional wounds with no judgments whatsoever.

Twin Flames are spiritually connected when they can sense the other’s emotions and feelings, and able to pick up their thoughts as well.

They also have the ability to read the moods of the other whether their twin is near or far. Because there is a need to separate, they will greatly miss each other.

It is this feeling of emptiness that both will come to heal their wounds that prevent them from feeling whole.

Becoming whole individually is a necessity for each of the twins to feel complete together.

It’s only when they have overcome their ego-based perceptions that they are able to unite harmoniously and vibrate on the same frequency.

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