5 Super Healthy Habits of Highly Confident People…


A healthy self confidence stems from knowing that you have the ability to do something, can deliver valuable results, and are able to convey this to others. In short, confidence is having a strong belief in your capability.

Arrogance on the other hand is believing that you’re good at something more than you actually do. While low self esteem is believing that you’re less valuable more than you think. True confidence lies between this two.

While positive thinking is good, thinking that you can do greater than your skill level is likely to cause you harm.

Confidence is not an exclusive gift given only to the chosen few. It’s a skill you could develop if you only want to.

How to gain confidence? It takes practice to gain confidence. Lots of it. Begin by making it a habit. As the days, months, or years pass, the habits you cultivate daily will become your second nature.

Here are the healthy habits that highly confident people cultivate in themselves.

5 Super Healthy Habits Of Highly Confident People:Super Healthy Habits Highly Confident People

1. They are quick to admit their mistakes when they make some.

Confident people know that they are humans who commit mistakes from time to time. The moment they commit one, they take responsibility for it, ask for apology when necessary, and see it as a learning lesson towards the improvement of themselves.

They know that defending oneself just to save face will only make the matter worse.

2. They ask for help when they need help.

Other people mistake asking for help as a sign of weakness or incompetence; but confident people use it for their advantage.

They are humble enough to admit that there are people who are stronger or more knowledgeable than they are in some areas. They seek for these people because they know the importance of networking in their success.

3. They take good care of their physical bodies.

Confident people believe that their body is a temple that should be treated as such. Thus, they see to it that they give their bodies the self care it needs.

They get enough sleep, exercise, drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, take a break when necessary, and do the things that make them feel good.

4. They listen with intent to hear what the other person is trying to say.

To listen with intent means “getting inside of another person’s frame of reference”. Confident people do just that.

They try to see the world the way the other person sees it. They don’t focus on their reply or wait when the other person stops just so they could brag about their ideas and opinions.

They value every one and believe that each has their own story to tell.

5. They set firm boundaries.

Confident people acknowledge their limitations. They know themselves enough and avoid committing to something they know they could not follow through.

While saying “no” may not make others feel good, confident people say it in a way that people will understand. After all, it’s better to do a few things well than do many things incompetently.

They know that overcommitment will only lead to stress and anxiety. As much as possible, they want to avoid that from happening.

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