Resisting The Egoistic Game of Who’s Right and Taking The High Road is One of The Best Things You Can Do for Yourself!


Taking the high road is what all of us desire.

We hate dramas in life and avoid involving ourselves in any form of negativity the best that we can. Yet, on our way to learning, we are often confronted by circumstances where we are bound to eat up our words.

We know we are nice, until someone disrespects us, talks about our family, or criticizes our ideas and beliefs.

Taking the high road while no one is pressing our buttons is not that hard. But the real test of taking the high road happens when we choose to take it despite being given the opportunity to take the lower one with the reward of “winning the game”.

A masterful person chooses the high road no matter what happens, even if it means the other person “won”.

We’ve all been in the lower road.Taking The High Road The Best Things You Can Do for Yourself

Once, twice, or perhaps several times, we’ve succumbed to our anger, listened to our emotions, and said or done something that did not reflect our highest moral integrity.

And we knew the consequences weren’t ideal either. It made us feel guilty or feel bad.

All because, deep inside, we know we have a power that doesn’t require us to react or be confrontational just to express how powerful we are. We are powerful beings whose power lies in responding to people in the most empathetic and compassionate way, no matter how intense the triggers could be.

Taking the high road

We can take that high road with a series of small steps.

First, we have to forgive ourselves for all the times we have not taken it. Second, we have to set up the intention of becoming better.

These allow us to make peace with our past and move forward with a more mature outlook.

The truth is, the most powerful position anyone can have is staying on the high road. Every time we allow people to draw out of us behavior that doesn’t align with our highest integrity, we are giving them our power.

Challenges are opportunities handed by the universe

By giving people this power, the universe sees this as a signal that we need more opportunities of practicing not to react when triggered. As a result, the same circumstance is bound to happen again and again.

The universe never stops in sending us messages. When we are faced with a challenge of choosing love over anger, it’s the universe way of telling us to use the great power that lies within each of us.

The greatest power lies within

When we use that power within, we anchor within our energy field the belief we have of our self and in the power of love. The universe is unceasingly reminding us of the attributes of a truly powerful being: love, kindness, and empathy.

People who are afraid of being taken away the power from them resort to fighting, name-calling, getting revenge, putting down, or blaming. They thought by reacting this way, they could never be over-powered. Ironically, this is the attribute of an UN-powerful person.

One wise person puts it nicely:

Someone once asked me, ‘why do you insist on taking the high road?’ I answered, ‘why do you assume I see two roads?’”

Taking the high road will become a second nature when we accept ourselves, align our thoughts with the belief that life happens perfectly, and see all situations as opportunities to heal and anchor our belief in our own power.

At first, holding our self from saying something to someone who is causing us anger might be difficult; but if we take this as a challenge on our self and withhold finger-pointing, forgiveness would be easier then.

We all know the pleasure it makes us feel when we don’t give in to something that we know we’ll just regret later.

We may not do it perfectly at first, or we may falter along the way, but if we constantly get up, move on and charge forward, we’ll soon hold our heads high for knowing that nothing and no one has the power to compromise our own integrity.

The benefits of taking the high road are priceless

By evolving into the person who is able to walk on the high road, you become indestructible.

People will see your power and confidence while showing compassion and love.

This provides them with the inspiration to take the high road themselves.

Source: Fractal Enlightenment;