7 Signs Your Life Undergoes A Major Shift Towards Your Purpose


When you set out to align yourself to your life’s purpose, the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

But major life shifts may take place in unexpected ways because it takes much to transform your life. At some point, it may even take the form of being lost or confused.

7 Signs Your Life Undergoes A Major Shift Towards Your PurposeSigns Your Life Undergoes Major Shift Towards Your Purpose

1. You end some of your relationships.

The process of transformation involves changes in your vibration. With this change, you begin to unconsciously reject people in your life  who no longer serve your purpose.

Relationships drift naturally because you no longer fit to the dynamics you were once comfortable with. The inner profound changes could mean having to lose people, situations, or experiences.

As painful as it may seem, you will soon attract people who vibrate on your wavelength to fill that empty space.

2. You notice that the universe is talking to you.

Because you are slowly re-aligning yourself with the cosmic forces, the universe will aid you in the process so as to keep you directed. You will receive signs and may even notice synchronicities to be taking place.

Seeing repeated numbers, such as 111 or 777 will be common. You will meet people who are able to lead you to the direction you are going.

Or, you may feel inner stirrings and nagging feelings.

3. Your sleep pattern begins to change.

As your heart and mind go through a lot of changes, your sleep pattern will change as well. At times, you may require to sleep more and at other times you may suffer from sleepless nights or waking into the middle of the night.

It’s because your brain is busy processing your desires for the future. Your sleep will only return to normal once you see your right path more clearly.

4. You feel out of place.

Even if you are living in a comfortable environment, there are times when you just feel being stuck in a rut or not feeling fulfilled.

You slowly notice that you are no longer in alignment with the life that you created for yourself all along.

All of these feelings suggest that you are ready for a differenyt and much fulfilling experience ahead.

5. The old methods no longer work for you.

The old strategies that you used to apply for yourself no longer produce your desired outcomes. You find yourself no longer inspired with the old ways of finding inspirations.

This happens as you come to outgrow the last phase of your life. And you will only thrive when you take the steps that move you forwards.

6. You feel the urge to resolve old issues.

You would not be able to achieve the ease in moving forward if there are still old issues that are holding you back. You need to resolve and heal them first.

Putting everything into writing is one way of giving them the closure they need.

7. You feel more intense emotions.

Raw emotions spill out of you where you will feel them more intensely now. You may be laughing harder than ever or crying more over a few things.

Never try to push nor hide these emotions. Rather, acknowledge and embrace them when they come.

These emotions will teach you important things and will be a great help in having a brighter and intense visualizations.