January 2018 Energy Forecast: Let Go of The Past and Focus On Building The Future!


2017 was a year of building foundations while 2018 is all about starting to build upon these foundations.

Insight about what lies ahead of us can be very important for our spiritual transformation.

The Energy of January:January 2018 Energy Forecast

The past few years have been full of turmoil and changes and thus the upcoming year gives us the opportunity to adjust and heal ourselves. All these changes make it necessary for our soul to connect to the higher self.

In the state of our bodies on Earth, we are not able to see the things as they are. Many things are completely different from what they appear to be.

Some of the events that we see as trivial can be divinely orchestrated in order to create shifts in our consciousness and to take us closer to awakening.

Think of the past few years like being the cocoon where you evolved and now is the time to break free from it and become the best version of yourself.

January gives us the momentum we need to work on ourselves and start building on the foundations we established these past couple of years. All this finally culminates in the life that we are destined for.

The Planetary Opportunities:

The planetary energies in January will provide us many opportunities to create meaningful changes not just in our own lives but also in the lives of others as well.

The year 2018 began with a powerful energy radiating from the Supermoon on 1st Jan. But there will be another full moon almost of the same energy levels.

The energy forms of the Full Moon will show you the path to find new solutions to your old problems.

You’ll also be able to see the existing issues relating to relationships and marriage; from a completely new perspective.

The New Moon of January 2018 will provide us with an excellent opportunity of reviewing our goals and making a clear approach towards achieving them.

The energy of the New Moon will help us to stay grounded and will also allow us to explore our inner passions by tapping deep into our subconscious.

The New Moon also opens new avenues of reflecting on our past and learning from the mistakes that have been committed.

The Best Thing You Can Do This Month:

It’s best to use this month’s energies to take action for all your goals. Start this month with full capacity and power. It’s game time!

It is better to be as clear as you can about your goals and it’s smart to set personal timetables on what and how you want to achieve them.

While making plans for the year, keep in mind the changes that happen overtime and thus allow yourself the flexibility to overcome the obstacles that you face.

You have unlimited potential and all you need to do is: Stay hopeful and work hard.

Love and Light!

Source: Conscious Reminder;