10 Incredible Things That Will Happen To You When You Find Your Soul Place On Earth


A Soul Place is where your soul mostly feels at home. It’s a place where you feel you truly belong; a place where you feel you are strongly connected to Earth; a place where you feel energetically rejuvenated and empowered.

Others may feel their Soul Place is half-way around the globe while others may feel it’s right where they are.

According to the Native Americans and Australian Aborigines, we all have a place of power on this Earth. It’s a place of belonging that can help us fulfill our destiny.

Finding your Soul Place provides you the following incredible things:Incredible Things When You Find Your Soul Place

1. You will feel a strong connection, a kind of familiarity as if you have been in that place before.

2. You are free to be who you are and will become more of yourself, achieving fullness and wholeness of self.

3. Things will manifest or flow with a greater sense of grace and ease in your life.

4. You will feel you truly belong as if you have finally found “home”.

5. You feel a greater sense of connection to the spirit world and to your own spirituality.

6. You feel bursts of creativity, being directed and motivated in your life path or life purpose.

7. You feel in touch and connected with nature.

8. You feel rooted and secure with where you are.

9. You come to heal yourself and release the things from your previous lifetimes and traumas.

10. You feel it’s where you can do your greatest work. 

Changing your surrounding provides you with lots of benefits!

Though finding your Soul Place doesn’t necessarily require you to travel far, physically getting yourself out of where you presently are, even for a short while, provides you with lots of benefits.

Being surrounded with a new environment makes you better able to put things in perspective.

Getting yourself out into nature is also a great way of reconnecting with the Earth, the ground you are standing on.

Some people set out as pilgrims and visit sacred sites for the purpose of reconnecting with their purpose and power.

Universal Soulplaces were considered Sacred Sites by people in the past.

Among the sacred sites that are believed to be the Universal Soul Places are Sedona, the Egyptian Pyramids, Uluru, Stonehenge, and others. These places are believed to hold a strong energy or vibration.

The Earth is a vast land that holds the place where we feel truly at home.

Wherever we are in our spiritual journey, finding our soul place is an endeavor we need to achieve so that we can fulfill our purpose with power and grace whether this place is outside or inside of us.