12 Red Flags That Tell You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship


Emotional abuse is a form of manipulation your partner uses to make you submissive of their every wish.

It’s a sneaky manipulation method where your partner uses your weaknesses and your emotions to work against you.

The manipulation isn’t obvious and may vary in intensity. You may even fail to recognize that you are being manipulated.

It’s when you let your defenses down that they do their dark plan of abusing you emotionally.

If you suspect that you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, check for the following red flags.

12 Red Flags of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship:Red Flags Emotionally Abusive Relationship

1. You are constantly being put down.

Your partner refuses to see you as a growing and confident person. Instead, they often point out your flaws to show you that they know better.

2.  Your opinions don’t matter.

They don’t give any importance to your thoughts and words. When you’re up to something that could improve yourself personally, they will try to distract you with the intent of bringing you down.

3. You are blamed for every bad thing that happens to them.

They make you feel that everything is your fault even when you have no control over the conditions at all.

4. You are treated with sarcasm.

Every time you share good news with them, they respond with fun and sarcasm. They never care whether their sarcastic remarks hurt you or how you truly feel.

5. Your boundaries aren’t respected at all.

They never put any effort to not walk over your boundaries nor follow what you ask of them to.

6. They label you as a “too sensitive” person whenever you are upset.

They won’t acknowledge your pain and emotions blaming you that you are making issues out of nothing.

7. They always have the last word.

You won’t win over them in an argument because they see to it that they always have the final say. They do not care about the truth but about winning the argument.

8. They withhold their affection.

They refuse to show affection when you fail to please them. They are punishing you in a way, wanting you to suffer because you did not manage to please them.

9. They do everything to control you.

From deciding what you wear to spending your money, they want to define every aspect of your life to the point of running it for you.

10. They are constantly comparing you with others.

You find yourself being compared with their exes, their friends, or anybody they know just to shame you. They do this to diminish your self esteem so they can feel better about themselves.

11. They isolate you.

It’s easier for them to manipulate you when you aren’t surrounded by the people who support you. Thus, they do everything to prevent them from meeting you.

12. They don’t care when they hurt you.

Even though they know they make you cry, they aren’t affected at all. They never encourage you nor support you when you are down.

Beware, these signs are not easy to notice!

When you read these signs you think to yourself how can someone even be in a relationship with such a monster.

But these signs are sooooo subtle, the person involved in the relationship is unaware of most. And just a few are needed to make a relationship emotionally abusive, not all.

Looking at these signs you imagine a monster but, of course, emotionally abusive partners are just people.

Like everyone else they have good sides, and when you are in a relationship with them you will be blind to their rough edges and focused on their positive sides.

Getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship isn’t easy, especially when you have invested so much time and energy in it.

But, if it’s the only way to take yourself back, you need to do it. You need to be the best version of yourself in a relationship, not a prisoner.

Have the courage to get out and prove to the abusive person that you still can love yourself even without them in your life.

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