10 Things You Need to Give Up to Finally Start Living The Life That You Want In 2018…


As 2018 is just around the corner, you need to give more focus on how to live your life in the coming year the best you can.

You have all the power in your hands to evolve into the Being that you know you are. You waited long enough! It’s game time! It’s time to be YOU!

Here is a list of the things you need to give up to ensure that you can finally shine in your True Light!

10 Things You Need to Give Up In The New Year:10 Things You Need to Give Up In 2018

1. Give up staying in your comfort zone.

Don’t allow your life to continue staying still while you watch how other people go after the things they truly want.

Overcome your fears and have the courage to try. If you can’t overcome them, at least face them, acknowledge them. Just do not accept to do nothing because you are scared.

Give up living your life in autopilot just because it makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Stop living your life like a zombie who goes to work, goes home, plays on the phone and never actually enjoys getting to know other people.

Try to stay in the present and make the best out of it.

2. Give up the avoidance of fear.

While fear may make you immobile, looking at it from a positive view helps you gather strength and improve yourself.

Fear is only an initial reaction when you are faced with the unknown.

But once you’ve started to put your best foot forward, you’ll notice how things work for your own good.

3. Give up the people who clearly take you for granted.

Love yourself more and stop putting up with people who only want something from you but never bother to ask how are you doing.

Get away from people who judge you for who you are, from the people who want you to change just to please themselves. Stop associating with these people who make you feel you are not good enough.

Get yourself out of that place where your voice is ignored and treats you like a disposable commodity and not as a true human being, even if it means moving away from your home.

4. Give up hiding your true mental state, whether it be depression, anxiety, OCD, and the like.

By accepting who you are, you stop making yourself a burden to the world.

It’s your current situation that doesn’t mean you have to stay with it forever. Know that help is available and that you’ll be okay.

Whatever you are struggling with, depression, anxiety, OCD, you should not be ashamed of it. Accept your struggle. That’s not who you really are. That’s not something that changes your worth.

By not hiding your true mental state you actually stand for who you really are.

You say yes, that’s what I struggle with, but that’s not me! That’s something that I might need help with, but not something that determines my worth!

5. Give up the activities that don’t contribute any significance in your life.

It’s okay to take an occasional break and indulge in things that are not so important.

But when you do it all day, like spending most of your time in social media or watching shows for a hundredth time, then it’s a time wasted.

Remember, life is short to be not doing what you need to do.

We tend to end up in these dull loops of nothingness and we whine about feeling empty inside. How else can you feel when you did nothing new, NOTHING, for months!

And you live in a world where novelty is literally around every corner. There is really no time for activities that do not give you any significance!

6. Give up judgment.

Try to become aware of the moments that you are judgmental. By being aware, try to cancel the judgment before you become judgmental. Why?

Because it’s not your responsibility to judge and it serves nobody, neither them nor you.

Judgment is a 2 edged sword meaning that the same pattern of looking at things is reflected upon you.

You have a voice that’s very negative and focuses only on the flaws no matter how small they are.

Flaws is all that you are going to see. At the end of the day, who really wants that!

7. Give up being overly tolerant.

While being polite and tolerant of other people is in the definition of a good person, being overly tolerant is disrespectful to you.

People have a natural urge of abusing a person without boundaries, maybe it’s a psychological mechanism to make the other person aware that they need to implement some boundaries. Whatever the case, you need to make yourself priority number 1!

You need to create strong boundaries and be really strict when someone tries to break them. Of course, you can do all of that kindly, without disrespecting anyone.

By showing this assertive self respect, you are giving others permission to respect themselves.

And it’s not your problem how they will understand you protecting your boundaries. In the long run, this behavior is more helpful than being a pushover for the sake of being a good person.

8. Give up social situations that are toxic to you.

These are the situations where the people who are present are judgmental, gossiping, and talk about others behind their back.

If you are invited to have lunch with them, decline politely. If doing so is impossible, make an appearance but don’t stay longer.

You are not obligated to stay with people who don’t deserve your time and energy.

9. Give up being an occasional friend.

If you consider yourself a friend, act like one.

Pay a visit to your friend when they are sick and bring something that you know would make them feel much better.

Understand your friend when they need it and forgive them when they happen to make lapses.

10. Give up being mediocre.

Stop doing things minimally, instead do your best in everything that you do.

Do your best work and perform your best. Keep on challenging and forcing yourself to get better.

Be who you are, without apologies, in all your glory!