3 Helpful Shower Meditations You Can Try to Calm Your Mind After a Hard Day’s Work


Your energy is not always the same after a day of hard work!

Some days you are energetic enough to attend a party while other days, all you wait is for you to get in your bed and fall asleep.

However, do not underestimate the power of a good warm shower after a busy day.

And if you manage to incorporate some of these shower meditations you can unlock a powerful secret to ease your mind, calm your nerves and recharge.

3 Helpful Shower Meditations To Calm Your Mind:Shower Meditations to Calm Your Mind

First Shower Meditation: Using Mantra

‘I cleanse myself so I may feel light, peaceful and at ease.’

Keep chanting this mantra while you are applying soap and scrubbing your body.

As you do this, imagine that all the negative energy is being scrubbed off your body. Then do some flickering motions around your body to remove the remaining negative energy.

End your shower meditation by standing once more under the running water. Imagine a golden white ring of light forming around you.

With eyes closed, take three deep breaths, then open your eyes.

Second Shower Meditation: Achieving Calmness

The purpose of this meditation is to calm and recharge your mind.

Start by facing the shower. Make sure the water takes the route from the top of your head to your feet.

This activates your cerebellum chakra, which helps in unleashing creativity. Try to be still and get your focus on the drops of water that trace your body.

With a quiet mind, keep your attention on the water running down your neck. Feel it. Observe it. Absorb it.

This should calm your mind. You may take five slow deep breaths in and out to achieve better results.

Third Shower Meditation: Showing Self-love

Keep chanting the ‘I Love You – Thank You’ mantra while washing your body with soap and water focusing on the areas that mostly need extra care and attention.

This is a way of showing love and care unto yourself. Most often we forget the self-care we need while being engrossed in taking care of others.

Through this meditation, you are able to commune with your body and give it the same love and positivity you give to others.

As you wash the soap off your body, place your hand on your heart center, take five deep breaths, and feel the warmth radiating from your heart.

Then, pour water down yourself one last time and say ‘I love you – thank you.’

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