10 Uncomfortable Feelings That Tell You are Absolutely On The Right Path!


When you are on the verge of change, discomfort is likely to take place. Breaking out of your cocoon and shattering the old limiting beliefs is painful and uncomfortable.

While being faced with unhappiness as you go through the process, understand that these discomforts are a part of the process. You are not doing anything wrong. In fact, most of these uncomfortable feelings are indicators that you are on the right path of your life.

See if you have the following uncomfortable feelings and rejoice when you are going through them because you are absolutely on the right path.

10 Uncomfortable Feelings That Tell You Are On The Right Path:Uncomfortable Feelings Tell You are On The Right Path

1. You feel that you are lost.

You have an initial reaction of being directionless. You don’t even feel like you are on a crossroad, but more like in a midst of a desert.

2. You have random influxes of irrational anger or sadness.

These random feelings intensify until you no longer can’t ignore them. These emotions come out for recognition and that you may be fully conscious of their presence and able to control them as time goes by.

3. You have an intense need to be alone.

Because you are in the process of recalibration, you lose interest in social life and may find yourself drained by other people’s problems.

4. You feel your dreams more intensely.

Your dream world becomes more real and in high definition. You have intense and vivid dreams that you almost always remember every detail. It’s your subconscious mind’s way of communicating with you.

5. You feel like you want to downsize your group of friends.

You stay away from negative people and anyone who holds you back. Because you find it hard to point to people that they are being negative, you avoid them at all costs.

6. You feel the desire to speak up for yourself.

You slowly recognize that other people have walked on you, or that their voices are in your head and you no longer allow it.

7. You feel like you know things that you don’t want to know.

You know how someone feels, what they really mean behind their comment, and a bunch of details that you don’t really care to know. Irrational anxiety arises because of the lack of good reasoning behind them.

8. You feel that your thoughts are your worst enemies.

You are on the process of realizing that your thoughts create your experience. As your walk on your right path, your spirit expands and your mind stretches. This is scary for your mind so it generates scary thoughts to prevent you from changing it. This will go on until you realize this to be so.

9. You feel unsure of who you really are.

Your past illusions of who you ‘should’ be are dissolving and there is uncertainty in evolving. You don’t have a definition for yourself and this makes you unsure of who you really are. However, you should realize that the real you will appear when you peal off every definition you have for yourself. You are an essence in a constant state of becoming.

10. You feel responsibility for all your actions.

You realize that no one is responsible for your life and happiness other than yourself. Owning all your mistakes might be terrifying, but you also realize how much liberating it feels.