7 Short And Powerful Rituals You Can Do to Live a Happy Life


Creating a change in your life does not have to be too complicated, even the process doesn’t have to be too long.

Small changes done consistently often provide a lasting impact.

When you do these small rituals every day, you can be certain that your life would turn out to be successful and even achieving your goals would be much easier.

These short and powerful rituals will help you create impactful changes and live the life you want.

7 Short And Powerful Rituals You Can Do Live a Happy Life:Rituals Happy Life

1. End your day with gratitude.

Being grateful for the things you have and the people who love you will bring you a long way.

Before sleeping, make it a point to pause for a while and be grateful for everything that you have.

When you do this, you allow yourself to stay grounded and humble, acknowledging that Someone up there sent them your way.

2. Begin your day in meditation and prayer.

There is no best way to start your day than to meditate and pray. While you sleep, your body and mind enter into a state of calmness.

You can only allow this state of relaxation to continue all throughout your day by practicing meditation upon waking up. Then follow it with prayer to set your intentions for the day.

Avoid the temptation of immediately checking your notifications once you open your eyes.

3. Make yourself a cup of tea in the morning and have an alone time.

Find a peaceful corner where you could enjoy your cup of tea all by yourself.

You will not believe the benefits of drinking a cup of tea all by yourself in complete silence. It will make your mind sharp and clear for the day.

By mentally preparing yourself, you create the kind of direction you want to have for that particular day.

4. Light a candle or burn some incense.

Lighting a candle or burning incense enhances your positivity and happiness while cleansing your aura.

Additionally, it helps you relax and even take away any jittery feelings you may have.

You can find the most suitable smell for what you need.

5. Read a few pages of a book each day.

Reading expands the mind and deepens the spirit. When you find it impossible to read a few chapters of your favorite book in a day, a few pages will do.

The thing is you are doing it and before you knew it you finish reading the whole book.

Reading is also an activity you can do anytime and anywhere. And once you read, you will know things that you haven’t known before and view things from a different perspective.

6. Walk.

Walking has ample benefits, one of which is that it helps clear your mind after a rough day.

When you walk, you get to see people and things that you otherwise didn’t see before because of the overwhelming issues you have in your mind.

By being aware of your surroundings, and being among nature most especially, you are tapping on your spiritual side. Being in touch with your spirituality helps you realize how big is the world and how insignificant are your issues compared to its magnificence.

7. Set your intentions before you sleep.

Before you retire at the end of the day, make a wish or pray.

Setting a clear intention of what you want to have before sleeping makes your unconscious mind work for its fulfillment while you sleep.

Ask anything whether it be kindness, courage, compassion, or anything that can make you a better person. Just make sure that what you ask enables you to contribute something and make this world a better place.

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