9 Signs That Clearly Tell You are a Fringe Dweller…


Feeling different from anyone else? This could be a sign that you are a Fringe Dweller.

Fringe Dwellers are beings who feel they are a misfit. No matter how much they try to fit in with the crowd, they simply don’t.

They are the weirdos, the square pegs in a round hole, or simply the people who are a bit strange.

Outwardly, they are as normal as anyone else. But deep inside, they think much differently, although some of them managed to co-exist successfully with people who have ideas different from their own.

Despite of this, they maintained to be true to themselves as what they truly are: intuitives, empaths, and highly spiritual.

To learn more, here are the most common signs that tell you are a Fringe Dweller!

9 Signs That Tell You are a Fringe Dweller:Signs You are a Fringe Dweller

1. You felt different since you were a kid.

From a very early age, Fringe Dwellers know that they are different. Because of this, they are considered as weird, strange, or even socially awkward by clock watchers.

In reality, they are not. Their energy levels are just operating in a different frequency. They even get to ask themselves why they act that way. As adults, they start to seek the company of others who live normal lives and think like them. If you ask questions others don’t seem to care about, then you might be a Fringe Dweller.

2. You have empathic abilities.

Fringe Dwellers are highly attuned to other people, feeling other people’s emotions or pains. They are highly sensitive to the plight of others.

This is where they have to exercise caution because overexposing themselves to the pain of others will also hurt themselves.

3. You sense that there is more to life than watching the clock tick.

They feel that life is a puzzle they have to complete. They never stop asking what their life is all about.

They’re not content by just watching the clock and allowing things to pass by. They know there is something more.

4. You easily get bored with life.

While a great job, great salary, or great pension amazed others, Fringe Dwellers don’t see things this way.

What they are after is living their life fully, experiencing the unknown, starting their own business, writing their own book, or doing anything that eases their boredom.

5. You are a natural-born creative.

Creativity is a gift valued by fringe dwellers. Their ability to tap into their higher consciousness is what enhanced their creativity.

They expressed this creativity through the arts, writing, or speaking, which promotes inspiration for other people.

6. You find delight in being alone.

Fringe Dwellers crave for their alone time. It’s essential in recharging themselves and connecting to the Higher Source.

This alone time is best spent in nature such as the woods, the sea, or the hills where everything is just free, beautiful, and natural.

7. You are in tune with many synchronicities in life.

Because they are more attuned to their inner selves, the universe seems to coerce in favor of Fringe Dwellers.

They are often in the right place at the right time, or easily find along their way the things that they need, or may bump into someone who holds the answer to their problems.

8. You have an open mind for different spiritual teachings.

Fringe Dwellers aren’t stuck in their own thinking and ways, but are also open to learn from the spiritual practices of varying religious groups.

They are able to put their focus beyond the man-made stuff of religion into the essence of the teachings. And they are much open to experimenting other spiritual practices that raises a different part of their energy.

9. You don’t settle for a normal job.

You seldom see Fringe Dwellers in a normal job setting. Mostly, they are found in entrepreneurial pursuits or in other countries offering their services to charity, protecting animals, or saving the environment.

They couldn’t see themselves doing a normal job because watching the clock is too painful for them.

If you identify yourself with any of these traits, know that you are here to change the world and raise consciousness. You are a key for humanity’s evolution!

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