9 Ways To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities To Their Full Potential


Intuition helps us know something through feelings and sensations, without the need for conscious reasoning.

We all have the capacity to listen to this intuitive voice within us. However, our intuitive abilities could be further enhanced once we know how to properly honor this potential.

9 Ways To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities:Ways To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities

Here are the ways to honor your intuition and enhance your intuitive abilities!

1. Look for cues.

Start small and look for some cues by consciously sensing the energy of people, places, choices and opportunities. Test your assumptions by asking questions.

Practice looking for vibes in unexpected places. Compare your intuitive insights with reality so you start recognizing how your intuition feels like.

2. Listen and feel your body.

Notice how your body reacts when you are about to make a decision. Consider whether your choices make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable.

Even if your decision doesn’t seem to follow logical reasoning, as long as it feels right, give it more weight.

3. Cultivate your presence in the here and now.

Practice meditation. Choose the type of meditation that suits you, but make sure that the purpose is not only to calm your mind but bring it to the here and now.

By allowing your mind to be still, you are better able to listen to your inner knowing. By bringing your mind to the present moment you are better able to perceive your surroundings.

4. Spend time in nature.

Spending time in nature allows you to enhance your intuition because it connects you to the energy that entangles us all.

Take a walk in the forest or nature park. Or, you can do meditative walking, just make sure it’s among natural elements. By connecting with Nature you are connecting to the universal language that intuition speaks with.

5. Ask for guidance from the Higher Power.

Invoke the help of God, Buddha, Allah or however you call the Higher Power that you believe in.

By connecting to a source higher than you are, you are strengthening your intuition. The more you connect to the Higher Power, the stronger your intuition becomes.

6. Give importance to your dreams.

Dreams are an expression of your subconscious. They hold messages from your intuitive knowledge that come deep from your subconscious and unconscious mind.

When your cognitive mind sleeps, your subconscious mind gets the chance to send you intuitive messages through dreams without them being filtered by your rational mind. Find a way to interpret your dreams and act on the messages it gives you.

7. Acknowledge the signs and synchronicities.

Eliminate the distractions that prevent you from noticing these signs. Keep yourself less busy and give more time to tuning into yourself.

Acknowledge the signs and synchronicities because they carry important intuitive messages for you.

8. Play with your intuition to make it more fun.

Make a game with your intuition. When your phone rings, guess who the caller is and see if your intuition works. Or, when you are about to look at your watch, guess what time is it.

Try to see the difference of how you felt before you answered correct and when you were wrong. These subtle details can make you aware of what is truly your intuition and what is just the voice of your mind.

9. Test your intuition by writing down your hunches.

Every time you feel something, write it down and check back on it later. This way, you develop your faith based on evidence, which will inspire you to listen to your intuition more and not dismiss it altogether.

If some of your hunches aren’t what they seem to be, don’t lose hope. Try to find the differences in sensations and feelings both when you were wrong and when you are right. Continue writing until you notice the workings of your intuition.

Intuition is a gift given to each of us. It’s our unused psychological muscle that we need to train. The more you train your intuition the better you can understand it.

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