2 Reasons Why Talking To Yourself Might Be a Sign That You are Highly Intelligent, According To Psychologists…


Talking clearly when communicating with other people makes us good communicators. But if we talk to ourselves clearly, it might make us smarter.

When we talk to ourselves, we do it in silence or maybe just mutter under our breath so as not to appear crazy or hallucinating.

But scientists and psychologists are saying that there might actually be benefits from this crazy labeled behavior.

Benefits of Talking to Yourself:

– It keeps our minds fit;

– Helps us plan actions;

– Organizes our thoughts;

– Modulates emotions;

– Consolidates our memory;

Not only that, talking to ourselves makes us smarter.

2 Reasons Why Talking to Yourself Makes You Smarter:Talking To Yourself Sign You are Highly Intelligent

1. It is effective in recognizing object.

In a study published by The Quarterly Journal of Expiremental Psychology, researchers found that talking to yourself enables your brain to function more effectively at recognizing objects and stimulates your brain’s memory centers.

Saying out loud the name of the object you are looking for enables your brain’s memory sensors to work optimally. Failing to name it will make you more confused.

2. It suggests a higher level of intelligence.

Researchers at Bangor University in the United Kingdom confirmed that talking to yourself out loud suggests a higher level of intelligence.

Participants of the study were given a written instruction which they were to read either silently or loudly. Researchers measured the participants’ ability to concentrate and perform a task.

It was found out that those who read out loud have higher concentration and almost memorized everything they read.

Dr. Paloma Mari-Beffa, a psychologist and co-author of the study, pointed out that the benefits could come from just hearing yourself because auditory commands are better controllers of behavior compared to written ones.

Dr. Mari-Beffa further viewed that talking to yourself out loud helps you in organizing your emotions, memories and thoughts, and helps in planning of actions.

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