You Can Unleash Your Superhuman Powers With This Ancient Technique According to Scientists…


The ability to unleash our superhuman powers has always been in front of us. It does not require large sum of money nor lots of hours spent in meditation.

It comes from a source that is very much available to every living creature on this Earth.

Ancient Technique to Unleash Your Superhuman PowersUnleash Your Superhuman Powers Ancient Technique Scientists

The sun is believed to have a power that heals diseases, provides energy, vanishes hunger, and even enhance the ability of people to develop telepathic abilities.

Ancient societies such as the Egyptians, Mayans, and Indians incorporated sun-gazing or looking directly into the sun as part of their religious practice.

Individuals who employ this technique are found out to be the most spiritually advanced.

How to do this technique correctly?

This technique is done by looking at the sun at sunrise or sunset while standing on the ground barefoot.

Sun-gazers begin by directly looking at the sun for 10 seconds, and as they do it daily, they add another 10 seconds in the practice.

Backed by science:

The famous scientist, Nikola Tesla, talked about this technique when he said:

My idea is that the development of life must lead to forms of existence that will be possible without nourishment and which will not be shackled by consequent limitations. Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life functions from the environment, instead of through consumption of food, and transforming, by a complicated process, the energy of chemical combinations into life-sustaining energy?

This technique of healing the mind and body was also popularized by Hira Ratan as well as tested by NASA.

Benefits Of Sun-gazing Technique:

1. By looking directly at the sun, the sunlight stimulates the pineal gland that boosts the secretion of serotonin and melatonin or the feel good hormones. These are the hormones responsible for increasing our energy levels.

2. Sun-gazing increases the size of our pineal gland, which is said to shrink as we age. But according to researchers, those who practice sun-gazing have bigger pineal gland.

3. Sun-gazing indirectly aids in a healthy way to lose weight. As the energy from the sun nourishes our minds and bodies, our desire and need to eat decreases.

This technique may have been slowly lost in time, but we are lucky to have uncovered it.

We have all the means to utilize it the way our ancestors did, stay healthy and unleash our hidden powers and potential.