4 Warning Signs That Clearly State Your Life Needs Healing!


The wounds we get in our life are mostly emotional and spiritual.

Most of these wounds remain unhealed building our personality as a bi-product of their existence.

Woundedness is an unpleasant experience, yet a necessary ingredient in our learning process. But it’s in the process of healing when we grow.

If processed rightly, wounds will give us the wisdom of healing. But when the wounds are denied, healing is denied, and we remain stuck in a place where moving on is impossible.

All we do is compensate for the wounds through things that make us forget that they could possibly exist. But exactly those compensations enslave us to these wounds without giving us the opportunity to grow.

To know if you keep on denying yourself the healing you need, check the following signs that clearly state your life needs healing.

4 Warning Signs That State Your Life Needs Healing:Warning Signs State Your Life Needs Healing

1. You are pessimistic.

All you see in your life are the negative circumstances that take place.

You feel you are meeting the wrong kinds of people, you’re engaging in wrong relationships or working in the wrong workplace.

We all went through some bouts of self-pity. But when you overdo it and see your future as bleak, it’s time to consider healing.

Filling your mind with negative thoughts prevents you from realizing your true purpose. Nothing good will come out from a negative mind.

Take care of yourself by taking the first steps, listen to yourself and do what feels good for your heart.

The first step of healing is to become aware of your wound and stop running away from it.

2. You overthink things.

When most of the thoughts that stay longer in your mind are the ones where you keep fighting people and figuring out how you should have responded in an argument, it clearly shows you are overthinking things.

Dwelling in the past is misusing your precious present moment. The past is better off to be set free.

When you learn to let go, you will be able to spend the present moment doing things that can make your life better. Ruminating about the past will only complicate things.

Since you overthink things, that’s a clear sign that there is something from your past that you’ve not dealt with. Or, it might be something from your future that you are scared of facing. It might even be something imaginary.

Whatever it is, it signals that something about that event is sucking your mental energy and it needs healing.

3. You find letting go an arduous task.

Letting go is surely not an easy move especially when the person, place or situation you have to let go of has been a part of your life for a longer time.

Letting go will seem emptying up a space in your heart. Finding something to fill that void seems impossible.

But if letting go is the only means to improve your life, you have to do it for the sake of making your life better.

And if you still cannot let go of the thing that’s clearly dragging you back, it means that you are scared of change and you need healing.

Maybe it’s a drastic change or something you are hardly attached to.

Whatever it is, respect your need for healing so you can loosen up the attachment string you need to let go of.

4. You feel the need to control things.

While it is a natural urge for us to want to make things happen the way we want them to, taking control of everything is impossible.

When you try to control the turn of events, you are only preparing yourself for a major disappointment.

What you have sole control over is only yourself and your life. If you find yourself trying to control things, look inside you for the part that needs healing.

Because the need to control outer things spurs from a lack of inner power and inner confidence. We tend to compensate with outer control for the lack of power we find within.

However, the only thing we can ever control is ourselves. That’s our real power. And that’s what you need healing with.

You need to take control of the one thing you can truly control and discover the source of your inner power along with your self esteem.

Taking care of yourself is a gift that you alone can give to yourself. When you open yourself up for healing, you are giving yourself the nourishment you really deserve.

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