30 Traits Of Someone Who Is A Spiritual Healer


A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.” — E. Leventhal

Every one of us is called to a different life path. While we all have the capacity to call on our deepest healer inside, there are others who are more gifted in the healing practice.

They are the shamans in their own right. They are the people gifted in allowing the energy of the Spirit to flow through them easily. They have the power to manipulate these energies to guide, rejuvenate, and empower others. They are the spiritual healers.

One significant characteristic of a healer is having been wounded at one point in their life. For they have to experience healing themselves before they can pass it on to others.

If you have an inkling that you or someone you know is a spiritual healer, check the following characteristics any spiritual healer possesses.

If You Possess Any of These 30 Traits You are a Spiritual Healer:30 Traits Spiritual Healer

1. They are extremely sensitive to energies around them.

2. They are an empath who feel other people’s emotions and physical symptoms as if it were their own.

3. They are intuitive and can read others quickly.

4. They have a broad view of things.

5. They were depressive at some point.

6. They have felt being an outcast most of their life.

7. They think differently from most people.

8. They easily get overwhelmed in public.

9. They were panicky and anxious in the past.

10. They are naturally born a peacemaker.

11. They are a trusted confidant.

12. They suffer from solar plexus chakra disorder like digestive issues, lower back pain, and weight gain.

13. They get drained when spending too much time with people.

14. They attract animals, children, and other sensitive beings.

15. They act as a dumping site for other people’s emotional baggage.

16. They think in grey shades instead of black and white.

17. They are much aware of the interconnectedness of life.

18. They believe in the synchronicities of life.

19. They are raised in a family which has a history of healers.

20. They have gone through a major trauma in life like near-death experience or life-threatening illness.

21. They are spiritually awakened.

22. They have been through some dark night experiences of the soul.

23. They are a right brain thinker.

24. They experienced energy blockages in the body in the form of chronic pain or autoimmune diseases.

25. They are hypersensitive to electromotive force or EMF.

26. They attract wounded souls or people who need fixing.

27. They are a compassionate listener.

28. They are drawn to help people experience balance and wholeness.

29. They can distinguish between energies and even alter the energy inside and outside of them.

30. They are mystics.

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