7 Things People With High Emotional Intelligence Do Differently Than Others


In the past decades, people with high intelligence quotient were admired. But as humanity evolves, highly emotionally intelligent beings are gradually recognized.

People with high emotional intelligence are great at understanding people and comprehending and feeling the emotions of others.

They can easily understand what others are going through, sometimes even better than others can understand themselves.

And the world really needs people with high emotional intelligence these days.

Luckily, these abilities are not inborn. They can be learned.

If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, you can emulate these traits of the highly emotionally intelligent beings.

7 Things People With High Emotional Intelligence Do Differently:7 Things People With High Emotional Intelligence Do Differently

1. They live their life with purpose.

People with high emotional intelligence know that they are here on earth to add value to the world. They know they have to define their purpose and work towards fulfilling it.

Because they perceive much more emotional information, they know the emotional power living a purposeful life evokes.

In fact, they completely understand that following your purpose is one of the best directions to live your life and that awakens all of your emotional aspects.

Their life is designed by goals and ambitions that are helpful for humankind because they want to live in a world where people feel positive emotions.

2. They are comfortable in their own skin.

Highly emotionally intelligent people know their strengths and weaknesses. They glorify their strengths and fully embrace their weaknesses.

They know that by loving themselves for who they are, people will come to accept them in the same manner. Their overall knowledge of themselves is what makes them understand people as they are.

They see people the way they see themselves. This is what makes them respectful and less judgmental.

3. They are extremely empathic.

Because people with high emotional intelligence easily perceive subtle details and body language that reveals people’s emotions they are more understanding toward others.

It is easy for them to pick up what the people around them are going through.

They don’t stop with the feelings of empathy, they reach out to help. They also empathize with animals, nature and other life forms around them.

4. They are insatiably curious.

They want to learn many things, if not all things. Their curiosity never satisfies them.

They know that through learning, they are able to expand themselves and understand the world around them even more.

Questions never seem to stop coming out from them. They understand that being curious is part of their evolution.

5. They handle change with ease.

Change is the other side of comfort.

While most of us dread change, highly emotionally intelligent people brace themselves for change.

No matter how uncomfortable it may look, they embrace change because they know it’s the only way to grow.

There is no other way to make themselves better other than taking the leap to change.

6. They manage to live a harmonious life.

Finding balance in life is a challenging task for most of us. There are just so many things we have to attend to such as work, home, kids, community, our self and a couple other things.

It’s because each of these things demands a different set of emotions and mindsets, it’s easy to get driven by one emotion and get out from the balance of your lifestyle.

But highly emotionally intelligent people attain this life balance. They know how to set boundaries for each so that they can have more time for other important things.

They have time for others, and most importantly, find time for themselves in solitude and connection. They can attain their balance because they are highly aware of each emotion and the intensity behind it.

They know how to play with each emotion even before that emotion fully happens. They know when they should immerse and when they should take a step back to attain their balance.

7. They don’t desire things to be perfect.

Highly emotionally intelligent people know that perfection does not exist.

They know that seeing a person, situation or thing in a perfect state is limiting the potentiality of the person, situation or that thing for growth.

They know this because they’ve learned it from the emotions. Emotions are messy but somehow, in the midst of that messiness, they are as perfect as they can be.

If you try to micromanage an emotion, you will just ruin the purity and the essence of that emotion.

They are also aware that everything has its own flaws. What matters is to work for the evolution of each despite and through these flaws.

Most of all, they know that finding wholeness through the blemishes, failings, and weaknesses is the greatest achievement anyone can do in their life.

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