The 4 Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Avoids Meeting You Or is Afraid to Love You Back


One of the paradoxes in life is the absurd reaction of the beloved to run away from their true love. It’s not because they don’t want it, but it’s mostly because they are not prepared to receive it.

This paradox also speaks to twin flames. The surge of emotions is so hard for them to bear that they become overwhelmed by it. Ironically, they feel fear and thus, run away.

We know that everybody is looking for that one true love. But we rarely think about the fact that most of us are not even ready for that kind of love. In fact, most of us are scared.

Consciously we know how our ideal love looks like. But subconsciously there is something that makes most people avoid even the encounters of such love.

Take a look at the following possible reasons why your twin flame might be scared of love and how to try to heal them, or yourself if you are the one who is scared.

The 4 Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Avoids Meeting You:4 Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Afraid Love

1. They suffered some form of abuse in childhood.

People who went through some form of abuse in childhood find difficulty accepting love.

It is because they are not used to it and might even doubt if ever what has been shown to them is real.

Others who are aware of their feelings would let their partners know while others would automatically reject their partners without knowing why they reacted that way.

2. They can’t face most of the fears that they’ve picked up.

Fears are not necessarily brought about by physical or sexual abuse. As newborns, babies received the love and nurturance they need.

But as they grow up, children are gradually exposed to the challenges of the world around them. The older they become, the more fears that are injected into them.

That’s normal. However, if you can’t face at least a couple of these emotions and fears you are avoiding a big part of yourself.

You are avoiding a part of yourself that makes you vulnerable, and being vulnerable is necessary if you are going to receive love.

3. They experienced abandonment.

Abandonment does not solely mean an absent parent. Abandonment could also mean losing the attention of parents because of the coming of a new sibling.

A parent who didn’t receive love in their childhood is also likely to withhold showing affection to their children.

There are also parents who were never allowed to come near their children for some reasons.

Any form of emotional abandonment needs healing. If left unhealed and suppressed it will always act as a hole you desire to fill.

And by trying to fill this hole you become dependent on others that makes you unable to give abundant love.

4. They were never shown true love.

There are certain circumstances where parents bore children outside of their plans.

Due to their disappointment to failed plans or unfulfilled dreams, they could not perform well the responsibilities of a loving parent. As a result, their children are exposed to a loveless environment.

Because they are used to live without love, as adults, these children will find it difficult to thrive with people who are able to give them true love.

No matter how genuine the love is, it would take a lot of trials before they can truly see the authenticity of that love. In some instances, it could be too late.

As with twin flames, no matter how pure their intentions of making the relationship works, while they are still haunted by their inner demons, true love will still fail them. They are left with no other choice than to separate.

How to Heal Any of These 4 Reasons?

Every relationship that is haunted with a hurting inner child most likely will not work. That inner child will always come out demanding and controlling.

To be able to receive and give love without fears, both partners need to heal that inner child.

The 2 Approaches of Healing The Hurting Inner Child:

– Awareness. Awareness is the key to finding the root cause of the problem. Diving deep into your psyche and asking questions can give you those answers. Once you are aware of the problem, you should seek help either professionally or holistically. And you must ensure healing to take place.

– Acceptance. Once someone accepts the nature of the problem, it is easier for them to begin healing. Healing by acceptance begins by embracing the wound and accepting it. This way you are letting energy to touch the wound, to fell the emotions of the wound, let the emotions pass and eventually heal it.

If you are in a relationship and you can relate to this, convince your partner to help you in the healing process.

Look at your situation in a bigger perspective and find the right approach to begin healing.

No matter how uneasy or uncomfortable you may feel, what’s important is you are willing to accept love and give it.

We are born to love. It is our right.