9 Ways an Empath Can Shield Themselves From Negative Energy


Empaths are beautiful beings who share their gifts with others by providing a listening ear.

They are always available when you need them. It’s in their nature to try to help people around them. They usually lighten your load by absorbing some of your negative energies while filling you with their positivity.

However, there are times when empaths forget to set their own boundaries. It happens to most of them.

They spend too much time with people who deplete them of their own energies and fill them with negativity.

As a result, they become exhausted and drained.

That’s why it’s essential for each empath to know the 9 ways they can shield themselves from negative energy!

9 Ways an Empath Can Shield Themselves From Negative Energy:9 Ways Empath Shield Themselves Negative Energy

1. Remind yourself that it’s ok to say no if you do not feel like doing something. While helping others is what empaths are called for, attending to their own needs is equally important too.

2. Be open about your feelings and emotions. Some truths may hurt, but you should not keep all the emotions inside of yourself. In order to protect themselves, empaths must let negative emotions out of their system.

3. Avoid resentful and toxic people. It sounds easier than done because we all forget to step away if we get surrounded by such individuals. It’s easy, but you need to be reminded. Make sure you create a trigger for yourself that will remind you whenever you end up in a company of people who spread negativity.

4. Give yourself the alone time that you need for recharging, daily. No matter how much you want to be with other people, remember that too much interactions will drain your positivity. Know when it’s enough and when you need to recharge. Always leave at least 20% of emotional energy in reserve. Do not go below that before you recharge.

5. Stop pleasing everyone. That’s not your responsibility. You should not help everyone, and not everyone should like you. That’s completely ok.

6. Stop taking things too seriously. Relax. Let things be and just observe them. Make sure you remind yourself of this daily and whenever you are with people. Most people just want to converse, they do not seek an advice or someone to help them. And most things as not as serious as your overactive amygdala makes them.

7. Load your phone with positive music. Whenever you feel presence of negative energy, or anxiety building up, put your headphones on, put some positive music and let those positive vibes shield you. Sing. Dance if you want to. Audiobooks work too, so you can even learn something.

8. Exercise. Running or anything that’s helping you to move your body helps you steam off negative energy that you’ve absorbed.

9. Do not run away from negativity. By not resisting negative emotions you are letting them flow through you without much friction. Negative energy is part of life and always trying to escape it is still being affected by it. Let it be what it is and let it pass. The greatest shield for negativity can be showing minimal resistance towards it.