16 Signs That Show You are On The Right Track to Unlock Your Personal Power


Each of us is born with a power within, and we all have the capacity to unlock it.

Unlocking your personal power means you are aware that you and you alone decide for your destiny and no one else. You know that everything you need is inside you.

When you tap into the power within you, you can see your dreams and goals as achievable undertakings. Operating your life from that standpoint will inspire others greatly to do the same.

16 Signs That Show You Have Unlocked Your Personal Power:16 Signs Show You Unlock Your Personal Power

1. You don’t feel paralyzed by fear but go on despite feeling afraid. You know fear could be a constant companion while going forward with courage and discovering the deeper meaning of life.

2. You are always grateful for being here, alive and joyful. You see that every day is a blessing and a miracle.

3. You know your thoughts have no power over you. Because you believe that you are not your thoughts, it’s easier for you to focus on the thoughts that make you better and whole.

4. You will often see the things that you want. By keeping your focus on the things that you want, your subconscious mind operates in “selective attention”, giving you more of the things you desire.

5. You will attract the right kind of people who share the same goals with you. Most often they are there to help you and teach you on your journey.

6. You will develop a confidence that stems from being who you are. What people say don’t matter because you know you are here for a reason and must fulfill that.

7. You will stop caring about what people think. Whether people will give you validity or not, you no longer see it as a personal issue because you are aware that what you do is for the benefit of all.

8. You will become self-assured. You define yourself based on your own terms and not based on other people’s opinion of you.

9. You will come to meet your deeper self, with all your unique gifts and purpose. All of these you will embrace and accept.

10. You will become more open to every possibility and opportunity that comes your way. You know every obstacle has a reason for being there, thus you handle it with much openness and without grudges.

11. You wake up every morning with a sense of passion and purpose. Passion and purpose are what make you determined in moving forward to the fulfillment of your goals.

12. You will find great joy in learning many things. You know by learning and adapting to what life throws at you, your journey becomes more interesting.

13. You will gain an inner peace that you haven’t experienced before. There is no longer an inner conflict in you because you are living your life according to your own values and truth.

14. You will listen more to your intuition and act quickly when your gut tells you so. Even when things don’t make sense, you trust that in the end, something meaningful will come out of it.

15. You will slowly see that everything is possible. Whatever you desire, you manifest because your will is aligned with what life has prepared for you.

16. You will begin to feel that your responsibility gets bigger because of the personal power you start to acquire. But when you always connect to your Source, you know that no responsibility is greater than you.

Unlocking your personal power is not as complicated as it looks.

It’s a natural outcome of taking full responsibility for your life and your choices while understanding that you can’t control everything.

As long as you dedicate your time, effort and determination in knowing yourself, you are able to discover the immense power hidden within you.

The more you know yourself, the more free you are to exercise your free will!

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