Horoscope November 2017: Here is What November is Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign


With the past 2 months being all hardcore about new beginnings, integration and implementation, it’s time for a little fun.

If the past 2 months were about planting yourself, this month is about letting your roots grow while you soak in the sun rays, absorb the fresh water and consume the food that will help you grow.

This month is all about seeing the results of the hard work you’ve been putting out, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s about letting stability find its way into your life and taking a time off to have some fun and enjoy life.

Here is what astrology experts from Gostica say you can expect during this month of November according to your zodiac sign!

This is What The Month of November is Expected to Bring For Each Zodiac Sign:What November is Bringing for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries – Opening Up

Relationships are more stable thanks to a new way of dealing with them since you have realized that the other is not an enemy, but an ally giving you a greater chance of growth.

Jupiter, moving from Libra to Scorpio, will no longer be opposed, and this will make you more open, lighter, but most of all, will help you overcome the anxiety of facing daily problems of every kind.

Back to serenity.

Taurus – Rebirth

Now you find yourself in the situation where everything has changed;  you have become aware of being the only creator of your destiny. Nothing can affect this new awareness.

You are the one who, through daily gestures, habits, builds and destroys. In this month, it is likely that work can change, and for some, there might also be an important economic and professional recognition.

Jupiter goes into Scorpio, opposes your sun and begins working on the relationship. Great things await you in 2018.

Gemini – Desire for Passion

For all those who have not fallen victim to Cupid, this is the time when you will hardly be single. Love, passion, relationship are calling and you, unlike some time ago, will not resist and will almost be the victim of a spell of love.

You will be ready to experience strong emotions through increased emotional stability.

For those who resist or who already have an important story, in addition to having a good time within the relationship, it will be the working environment that will give you just as much satisfaction.

Cancer – Month of Love

The luckiest man or woman on earth, are those who do what they are passionate about, who perform a task in tune with what they really are. There is no separation between them, between who they are and what they do, the two cannot be distinguished.

During this month you will rediscover the passion for life, projecting it into everything around you.

Everything you do these days will give you joy and you will enjoy it so much. You will pass this passion, getting the deserved recognition.

Leo – Desire to Mature

You will finally feel adults, free to go and do wherever and whatever you want. However, you will perceive a strong attraction to your origins, towards the family.

This is not a step back, it is more a personal maturity that allows you to understand the importance of reuniting where you have created a momentary separation and/or friction.

Bert Hellinger said that without roots, one does not fly. You will understand how important they are, making them a strength, not a limit.

Virgo – Seeking Stability

You will experience a strong centering, a good presence in the heart that you have never experienced in the past. Finally, you will accept what you really are; the union you have reached within you will henceforth bring you so much prosperity.

All this change will also lead to an improvement in the economic sector, giving you the opportunity to enter into new contracts for job seekers and a major change for those who already have it.

For others, engaging in the pleasures of life and relaxing has never been so beautiful and enjoyable.

Libra – Self Esteem

After an intense year, living by putting order and choosing on so many things now, treasuring the experience of making important decisions, comes a good time for feelings.

You feel strong and confident and this is just enough to get into a new relationship. Finally, you will know what you want and how you want it.

Having clear ideas is synonymous with strength, even if you have to leave a margin of positive “chaos”, thus allowing yourself to be one of our own. You know, sometimes fate has more fantasy than you!

Scorpio – New Beginnings

When we close and close old situations that are worn out and out of power, it energetically gives us the chance to let in everything new.

Jupiter in your sign offers you an incredible Force and a great desire to do, to live life in its joy and in all its beauty, to love intensely.

If you put these qualities in everything you do and will do, it can only be a positive response to everyday life.

Sagittarius – Integrating Stability

You will find new collaborations, create new friends, visit and join new places. You are changing skin and, as a result, the environment in which you live changes with you. It is inevitable.

If you change on the inside, even the outside will follow. You are about to end an important cycle that has resulted in so many changes in your life.

Important things will remain, while everything that does not make any sense to you will leave the value of your experience. Let go with gratitude.

Capricorn – New Life

You have rediscovered the importance of experiencing emotions, but especially of sharing them. During this time you will be aware that realization is not professional or economic; true realization is the emotional one.

It’s human relationships, the love of your husband or your wife, your children, your colleagues, your friends, what you share with them. It is useless to be Mrs. Rottermaier when Heidi wants to run on the meadows, barefoot and free, greeting the mountains.

People want emotional presence and not the cold responsibility.

Aquarius – Many Novelties

New projects, wanting to look forward, to be well, to leave behind the sorrows, regrets, and misunderstandings related to some important people in the past.

Now you have realized that truth is another: there is not only your truth, everyone has its own and it must be respected. Everyone is right and this allows you to keep a different attitude towards people.

You are more tolerant and the anger vanishes, it melts like snow in the sun. Realization is at your door and your time begins now.

Pisces – It’s Time to Dare

The conclusion of an important relationship seems to be the only epilogue for an affective crisis that has been dragging on for a while.

It will be a month when you will eliminate many things, especially those that block you on the way towards complete realization, which prevents you from fully enjoying life pleasures.

Now you have the right ambition and you realize that it’s time to make true the dreams you’ve kept hidden in the drawer. Dare, without fear of failing.

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