10 Subtle Things You Do That Show You Have an Alpha Personality


An Alpha Personality is one of the types of personalities that many are attracted to.

Some people might find them to be bossy or assertive, however, these people are simply born with the inherent qualities to lead.

But an Alpha Personality goes beyond natural predispositions. A real Alpha Personality is a product of intense core work and deep self development that asks for a lot of clobbering by your own inner demons to a point where you master your own self.

Most people who are seen as Alpha are just really extroverted. They don’t have a core self confidence. They are hiding their insecurities behind the perception of others.

Put them in a situation where they would need to truly test their Alpha title and they will either find an excuse, avoid it, or show you their true colors. They most often justify their avoidance by labeling something as uncool, stupid or beneath them.

To not be confused about who has a real Alpha Personality and who tries to fake it, there are a couple of patterns that people with real Alpha Personality show, and you can look for them.

10 Subtle Signs of True Alpha Personality10 Subtle Things Show You Have Alpha Personality

People with real Alpha Personality do the following things:

1. They are accurate conversationalists and straightforward. They don’t beat around the bush because they value their time as well as that of others.

2. They pay close attention to action rather than words. They don’t care what you have to say as long as you put into action what you mean.

3. They are not afraid to feel left out just because they didn’t show up. They only go to events which interest them and not because everybody is there.

4. They always mean what they say. They don’t make any commitments which they know they are unable to fulfill.

5. They have a few selected friends. They choose to be with people who they trust and let go of the toxic ones.

6. They are not afraid to be alone. And even prefer to be all by themselves than be with people they are not comfortable with. Alone time is also a great time for them to recharge.

7. They have their own preferences. They buy only things that they need and are not carried away by the latest trend or fad.

8. Their life is bereft of dull moments because they are interested in a lot of things. They are always doing something that boredom has no place in their life.

9. They are not waiting for someone to make them feel whole. They welcome the coming of soul mates not to complete them but to have someone who shares their views and goals in life.

10. They live life according to how they want it. They don’t care what others think because they don’t allow their life to be based on society’s expectations.

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