3 Symptoms You are In Danger of a Spiritual Illness, According to Shamans…


Shamans are healers who possess higher consciousness. They can peak into other realms of existence and see a bigger picture of reality.

With their healing prowess comes the knowledge of what causes the physical illness that a person suffers from.

If doctors look at the outer aspect of the illness, shamans look at the inner world. They look at the other side of reality, behind the scenes of the physical world.

There are diseases that come from the physical aspect of reality, from the outer world. However, according to shamans, most diseases come from inside.

By all means, diseases must be treated accordingly and our suggestion is to always speak to a professional doctor.

But as we stated earlier, if every possible type of medication doesn’t work, it might be time to look for the main cause of the disease.

According to shamanism, there are a couple of signs that indicate our spirit might be in need of healing. Neglecting these symptoms can cause a spiritual illness and this can lead to a physical illness as well.

3 Symptoms You are In Danger of a Spiritual Illness:

3 Symptoms You are In Danger Spiritual Illness, According to Shamans
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Find out if you or anyone you know experiences these symptoms because their spirits might be in danger of an illness.

1. You are full of fear.

Fear has many causes. Some of it may be injected by outside sources like watching violent movies, watching too much news or hearing second hand stories.

It might be caused by trauma and witnessing firsthand a violent scene. But for whatever the reason, if this fear remains unmanaged and avoided, it will just keep on growing.

Prolonged fear is likely to lead to anxiety. When you are constantly anxious, it will weaken your nerves and even create an imbalance in your system and spiritual being.

But the real problem here is not the fear itself, but the avoidance, the resistance to face your own emotion of fear. It makes you neglect an important part of yourself, a part that just wants to keep you safe.

Facing your fears does not mean doing the exact things that make you afraid, but letting yourself feel the emotion of fear that you’ve resisted.

If you avoid this side of yourself you are suppressing a part of your spirit. By doing this you can not feel whole.

Doing this for a long time might cause you problems with your personal power and self confidence.

2. You feel like nothing really matters.

All of us feels like this from time to time. However, faith is what we hold on to pick ourselves up and find meaning again.

Faith, in whatever you believe in, is deeper than the religion you’ve chose. It’s a psychological program that sources our meaning for existence.

Nobody knows for sure what are we doing here, or why and how everything that’s real came to be. Nobody knows for sure the true purpose of The Universe or whether there is one.

Faith gives us the answers to all of that. And it’s not the point whether they are the real truth or not, but that they enable us to find meaning and create our own journey.

It’s not what we believe in as important as the act of believing in something. That’s what gives you wings and essence to your spirit.

It gives us to hold on to something as we evolve, it gives us a direction to evolve towards.

The Universe is like a sandbox where you choose for yourself what and how you are going to play. Faith gives you the desire to play, it gives the meaning for your game, without it, everything is just a pointless sand.

3. You are neglecting yourself.

For whatever the reason, you start to neglect yourself. It happens gradually.

You neglect your health by eating unhealthy foods or drinking alcohol. You neglect your heart by turning your back to your emotions, intuition and desires.

You might start to hang out with people who you do not resonate with, you might start doing an activity that you do not really like doing.

Whatever it is, you end up doing wrong things and choices that are against your core truth.

You keep on running away from yourself scared of your own judgment, you indulge in activities and substances that give you a momentary escape from reality.

Failing to nurture yourself will ultimately lead to an unhealthy spirit; which in turn, if the negligence lasts for a really long time, it might manifest as a physical illness. The good thing is that you can start listening to yourself at any moment.

Do what’s good for your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Be selfish when it comes to nurturing yourself!

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