7 Unusual Habits Awakened People Do to Keep Their Soul Shining in Its Full Potential


Most people live their lives according to what society tells them. Their souls stay asleep their whole life!

However, there are such individuals who awakened their souls and keep them shining in their full potential.

These people are out of the social matrix walking their spiritual journey that leads them to soul growth and self actualization.

If you want to become one of them or you just want to maintain the shine of your soul, here are some unusual habits these people do to keep their souls opened!

7 Unusual Habits Awakened People Do to Keep Their Soul Opened:7 Unusual Habits to Keep Soul Shining

1. They question everything.

They trust their parents, teachers, government or anyone who has authority over them. But this does not stop them from questioning everyone or anything.

It’s not because they don’t respect authority, but because awakened souls have this distinct trait not to take anything as a truth unless they have examined it and decided on it for themselves.

Awakened souls do not trust blindly anything. They believe in something because they choose to and not because someone higher urges them to.

2. They are not swayed by trends.

Awakened souls know clearly what they want or don’t want. They are not swayed by what everyone thinks is cool.

Even if they are alone in their beliefs or ideas, they stand for it because they are not afraid to forge their own way and create new paths.

3. They embrace change.

Awakened souls are aware that the only way to grow is to accept change as it comes. They don’t stay forever in one place or one idea, instead, go to unknown places to evolve more.

Sleeping souls, on the other hand, are not comfortable with change. They only embrace change when it is imposed upon them.

4. They lead people.

While sleeping souls are part of the crowd, awakened souls are at the forefront leading the pack.

Though they feel alone and isolated, they go on because someone has to lead the spiritual revolution.

5. They have open minds.

Sleeping souls have closed minds that don’t allow new and better ideas to be executed. They are not open to new ideas or other points of view that might even be needed to their growth.

People with an awakened soul have a mind that can juggle with many different ideas. They are open to accept other people’s point of view and always look to learn something more.

By looking at things from a couple of different angles these people better understand the essence of those things.

6. They engage in conversations about life and the bigger scheme of things.

Unlike sleeping souls who engage in conversations that are light, airy and superficial, awakened souls go deeper. Small talk doesn’t make sense to them.

When we talk with an awakened soul, what we might hear are not the things we wish to hear, but the things we avoid to hear.

It’s because awakened souls always speak of the truth that is hard to fathom by a soul who is still asleep.

7. They follow their heart and choose love as their main philosophy.

While most people try to fit in society, people whose souls are open choose their heart before everything else.

They listen to their heart and intuition no matter if society disapproves. Their main philosophy in life is love.

Following their heart, these people are surrounded with synchronicities and opportunities for soul growth. By giving love unconditionally they attract love in return.

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