14 Cosmic Truths Your Soul Wants Your Conscious Mind to Remember


The soul is at the core of our being. It’s the eternal essence that is connected with the source.

Many cultures and religions speak of the soul as separate entity from your spirit. The soul, in fact, is projected in a couple of ways, or elements.

Your spirit, your mind, your body and heart are all representation of your soul but on a different vibratory level.

All of them function together so your soul can grow, develop and evolve. Your being stretches through all those levels. We exist multidimensionally.

Your soul collects lessons through all its lifetimes and it is connected with The Universal truths. Through our life we can get lost inside the illusions of our mind and forget these essential truths.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to remind ourselves of these truths inside our soul to ensure that we never go off course from our life’s highest path.

14 Cosmic Truths Your Soul Knows:Cosmic Truths Soul Wants to Remember

Here are 14 life truths that our soul wants our conscious mind to remember:

1. You are not absolutely alone in your chosen path. If once in a while you feel isolated, alone or lost, open your eyes to everything around you: the plants, animals, nature, and other humans living life fully. You are surrounded by life and love!

2. Embrace and respect your roots because they are a part of who you truly are. Whatever the circumstances of your roots, it’s no coincidence that you belong there for a purpose you alone can fulfill. In a way, a part of who you are is their product.

3. Be open to both the good and the bad that could happen in your life. Good things make you appreciate life while bad things provide you a chance to grow and become a better individual.

4. Love yourself first because not all people could give you the love that you need. You may be full of imperfections or flaws, but as long as you try to become the best version of yourself, falling in love with yourself comes naturally.

5. No matter how much you’ll try, you have no power to control everything. Instead, find out what you can control and do your best, even if that’s only a part of your choices.

6. Own your fears but be not limited by them. While it’s recommended that you take proper caution for things that have the potential to harm you, this should not prevent you from taking risks and making mistakes where the secret to all success lies.

7. Cultivate your faith whether it be religion, spirituality or the people around you. When you have the right kind of faith, you can move mountains and even manifest miracles.

8. Everything will come to pass. Everything that begins has to end, thus keep the most of your time, cherish all that you’ve got, and persevere in adversity, it will all come to pass.

9. Give more time to meditation and self-reflection. When you meditate and reflect, you will strengthen your spirit and know yourself much better.

10. You are always enough to be yourself. Others don’t define your worth. You are who you think you are regardless of what others say about you.

11. The NOW is all there really is. Be truly present. Time is just an illusion of your mind to deal with change and create meaning for your personal story.

12. The shape of your character reflects what your soul has been through. Trials and sufferings strengthen your soul, making you an individual with strong and unwavering character.

13. Your beauty always comes from the inside. Allow your inner beauty to shine. Your real beauty is rooted within; the more beautiful you are inside, the more it shines.

14. Nations and groups are formed by souls. The quality of a nation’s culture is greatly governed by the quality of the souls that shape it.

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