The First Thing You See On This Image Reveals Your Current Subconscious State of Mind


How we perceive the world and the things around us reveals more of who we are than we are aware of.

What we see always reflects our state of being, elements from our personality and character.

What we see, sees us!

The picture test below will help you reveal some aspects of your personality which you are not aware of.

Simply look at the image and find out what comes first to your mind. Then check out what the results tell you.

What do you see?

The First Thing You See On This Image Reveals Your Current Subconscious State of Mind:

TEST The First Thing You See Reveals Subconscious State of Mind

1. If you first saw an Explosion, it means you are in a creative mental period.

You have a creative imagination that runs wild. You are probably engaging yourself in a creative pursuit, using your imagination a lot.

If you haven’t exposed yourself to this area yet, you better do. Creativity might be your hidden talent where you will excel the most.

You may start by trying out some creative hobbies or activities. You might be surprised by how your creative juices will flow.

2. If you first saw the Two Hands, it means you are in a problem solving state of mind.

Seeing the two hands first indicates that your imagination is good, but you’re a more grounded person than the one who saw the explosion first.

You are more rational in your decision-making processes, making use of your logical thinking more often.

With these traits, problem-solving comes easily to you. People who know you well might even come to you to seek for advice.

You are able to stay calm under pressure and are not easily overcome by challenges.

3. If you first saw a Tree, it means you are detail-oriented.

You have an eye for details which makes you more of a perfectionist. When you perform a task, you make it almost flawless.

Because you put more focus on the important aspects, you will do great as a business person or even a people’s person.

You have a knack for knowing when and where is the best time to approach someone regarding a problem. You also know exactly when and how to comfort a person.

4. If you saw no particular shape, it means your mind is exhausted.

You need to take a rest because your mind may be too exhausted to work properly. Listening to yourself is important as your mind, too, needs rest.

Taking some time off and going for a vacation might work best for you.

If stress and pressures are a normal part of your life, it doesn’t mean you have to take it all in. You have to release it from time to time.

Sharing all your worries to family and friends will also help.

This picture test might look easy but it actually shares really important information for your mental state.

The results will lead you to know what you need to do for your mental health, or how to take advantage of your current mental state.

Source: Rise EarthPeace Quarters;