Each Empath Has These 10 Traits They Don’t Want To Talk About…


Empaths are highly sensitive people who unconsciously absorb the emotions of others.

Their intuition is so strong that they might feel what the emotions of other people try to let them know, before other people are even aware of their emotions.

At times, they’re unable to distinguish between their true emotions and that of others.

Stressful emotions make them feel panicky, depressed, fatigued or physically sick. Feeling too much literally drains them, so they need to regularly recharge.

There are many types of empaths ranging from spiritual healers to overly anxious individuals. However, there are a couple of traits that all of these types share.

If you feel you’re an empath, check these mutual traits of each Empath that they usually don’t want to talk about. See if you have any of them:

10 Traits Each Empath Has But Don’t Want To Talk About:Empath Traits They Don't Want To Talk

1. Hypersensitivity. This trait makes empaths good listeners, natural givers and spiritually open. They are nurturers whose heart is always open for others, though it means they’re hurting too when others feel emotional pain.

2. Absorb people’s emotions. Whether a positive or a negative emotion, empaths absorb them all. It’s because they’re so attuned to the moods and feelings of others that they pick it up automatically.

3. Introverted. Most empaths are introverted beings who prefer to have a one-on-one contact with others rather than being with a large group of people. Because crowds overwhelm them, they set a limited amount of time to spend with people.

4. Highly intuitive. Empaths have a strong sense of intuition that helps them to better navigate through life. Their gut feelings help them find the right relationships and stay away from people who suck their energy. If sometimes they appear irrational, it’s their intuition they are following.

5. Loner. Empaths absorb too much energy, thus they need alone time to rest and recharge. They need quiet moments to prevent themselves from emotional overload.

6. Easily overwhelmed. Intimate relationships or too much togetherness overwhelms an empath. They fear to lose their identity and try to negotiate with their partners to consider where they’re more comfortable.

7. Targets for energy vampires. Energy vampires drain an empath’s energy to the point where they feel they are unworthy or unlovable. They also tend to lose their peace of mind when faced with people who are afraid or furious.

8. Nature lovers. Empaths find delight in nature. It replenishes their energy and helps them release their emotional burdens.

9. Highly tuned senses. Because of their highly tuned senses, empaths stay away from loud noise or excessive talking. This also makes them receptive to subtle frequencies.

10. Extreme givers. Empaths cannot stand and watch the pain of others. They relieve others’ pains until they feel upset or drained.

How to Protect Yourself If You are An Empath?

If you’re an empath, you may protect yourself by doing the following activities:

– Manage your time wisely and give your self time alone to recharge.

– Set limits and firm boundaries to prevent people and situations that will possibly drain your energy.

– Meditate daily to regain mental clarity, calm your mind and emotions, and connect to your self.

– Spend time in nature, exercise, hike or relax at the beach as frequently as possible.

Being an empath is a gift and a curse at the same time. But so is with every superpower.

If you had wings and didn’t know how to use them for flying, they would be just an extra part of your body that weighs you down. Being an empath is like having wings, you just need to learn how to use them for flying!

You feel and connect with all the frequencies of life including animals and even nature. But you also feel the emotions of others as if you go through them.

Thus, you must take care of yourself to protect the language of energy you have been gifted with.

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