21 Ultimate Signs of Advanced Spiritual Awakening Telling You are Growing Further!


We have come to a moment in time when we need to make one of the most important choices of humanity!

Are we going to evolve further, or be just another civilization that fades away.

Our evolution is not a physical one, before everything else it’s spiritual. Majority of people around the world start to awaken to this spiritual calling.

More people than anyone hoped for realize this urge within themselves to change, to transcend, to evolve!

And as we evolve spiritually we come to this stage where we need to make this important choice. Will this be all that we are, or are we going to advance even further?

Here are the 21 ultimate signs that you’ve chosen to move towards advanced spiritual awakening:

21 Ultimate Signs of Advanced Spiritual AwakeningUltimate Signs of Advanced Spiritual Awakening

Are you one among the number of people who feel the need of growing in this consciousness too? If you do, read on and find out if your soul is receiving the signs of spiritual awakening.

1. You feel that the real change is within yourself, you see things much more clearly now as if you’ve got fresh new eyes.

2. You are highly aware of your past negative habits and feel like a completely different person, you cannot imagine yourself doing those things anymore.

3. You start to distance yourself away from people who drain your energy and connect with people who share the same vibration as you.

4. You are drawn to authenticity and dump anything that is superficial.

5. You feel deep sadness and even get depressed when you see the sufferings of other life forms in the world.

6. You feel your life will only have meaning when you do something for others and make this world a better place.

7. You sense that your life has an important purpose, you will only do a job that feels meaningful and contributes well-being to the world.

8. You feel your sixth sense is developing in a rapid state, becoming more sensitive and in tune with your intuition.

9. Your creativity has increased and you feel inspired to accomplish the dreams you were called to realize.

10. You have a burning desire to know and express the real you.

11. The desire to reconnect with yourself becomes stronger and stronger, you trust your intuition to give the answers to your questions.

12. You notice synchronicities and coincidences happening more frequently in your life.

13. You have increased awareness of your nutrition and of the types of food you eat, preferring raw fruits and vegetables.

14. You have changing sleep patterns, waking up in the middle of the night or feeling the need for more sleep.

15. You no longer tend to worry a lot, instead, you focus your energy more on love and trust.

16. You avoid conflicts because inner peace matters more to you than being right.

17. You feel strongly connected to others, you show high levels of compassion and no longer judge others or yourself.

18. You are now able to give freely without expecting anything in return.

19. You feel the oneness of every life form and use your impact in a most positive way.

20. You feel a strong connection with plants and animals and do your best to protect them.

21. A deep feeling of bliss engulfs you as you feel the love towards life and the unconditional happiness for everything that you are and of the things around you.

If you find yourself in most of these signs you are one of the few people who have accepted their soul’s calling for advanced spiritual awakening.

Thank you for making the world a better place!

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