4 Ways to Expand Your Spiritual Energy and Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution


The spiritual consciousness and spiritual awakenings that are taking place all around the world prepare humanity for the energy shift that our planet is undergoing.

As our planet’s energy is expanding, so must be our spirits.

Recognizing the deep connection between the mind and body gives us the ability to expand our spiritual energy in leaps and bounds.

Thus, it’s important that we prepare not only for the evolution of our spirits but for our minds, bodies and hearts too.

We must have enough sleep, proper diet and proper exercise.

When the body is ready, the spirit can soar.

4 Ways to Expand Your Spiritual EnergyWays to Expand Your Spiritual Energy

Here are the ways to expanding your spiritual energy:

1. Connecting with like-minded people.

Connecting with people who share the same interests and ideas as you, increases the level of your vibration.

Once your vibration increases, positivity increases and you’re likely to attract positive vibes in your life.

Look for your tribe or soul group. They already hold the energy you wish to have.

You may find them in an online course, a sports club, a cooking class, a yoga class or in many other activities you long to participate.

Keep your options open and the Universe will soon guide you to meet them.

2. Self reflection.

As our days get busier providing for our physical needs, spending time for reflection is often overlooked.

Self-reflection gives your spirit the nurturance it needs. You must carve out some time for this, let’s say 10 or 15 minutes a day.

Spending time in quiet reflection gives you clarity of mind and being in touch with your spirit. The more you give time to your spirit, the more you expand your spiritual energy.

Do a body scanning exercise, feeling how your body is doing, from head to toe. One of the benefits of this exercise is learning to be in the present moment.

Being in the present moment increases your vibration as well as your energy.

Writing a diary or journal also helps in self-reflection. The things you’re not aware of may become clear through your writings.

3. Being good to others.

How you love others is seen by how much you care for them.

Caring, loving, and serving others lifts up your spiritual energy.

You don’t have to be a volunteer to a charitable institution to show you care. Small acts of kindness done every day create positive vibrations and waves that reflect back to you.

Being kind makes you happier and healthier. These “high” feelings give your spirit that “high” too.

4. Connecting with the Earth.

Quantum physicists believe that everything in the outside universe is contained in our consciousness and body.

By finding our alignment with nature, we are actually aligning our spiritual energies with The Universe and the Primordial Intelligence that is all around us.

Connecting with yourself and with nature gives you optimum health as well as expansion of your spiritual energy.

You can spend time among nature by walking in the woods, walking barefoot at the beach, moon and stargazing, or by gardening.

Don’t Rush!

Nurturing your spirituality is a lifelong journey that must be cultivated from within. Do not see the decades ahead that you have to live to become fully spiritually awakened.

Instead, put your focus on your day to day journey. It’s not how long it takes that counts, it’s how you become.

And one day you’ll just wake up with a spiritual energy that touches all beings that come your way.

Source: Conscious Reminder;