These Are The 3 ‘Bad’ Habits That Actually Prove You Are Highly Intelligent, According To Psychologists…


Are you tired of being judged for waking up late? Were you always despised for your habit of swearing? Well, it’s time to rejoice and be merry, then.

While waking up late, being messy and swearing are characteristics that usually represent laziness, inactivity and indecency, scientific studies prove quite otherwise.

Studies now suggest that these “bad” habits are distinctly linked to an increased IQ! Being ‘guilty’ for the 3 of these is a sure sign you are highly intelligent!

The 3 ‘Bad’ Habits That Actually Prove You Are Highly Intelligent:3 'Bad' Habits That Actually Prove You Are Highly Intelligent

1. Waking Up Late

A study published in Psychology Today explains how all animals virtually go through a daily cycle of activity called the ‘circadian rhythm’ which helps you know when to fall asleep and when to wake up.

The humans have the special ability to override this rhythm only if they want to, consciously and cognitively. This implies that humans can themselves determine if they want to be night owls or morning larks.

An analysis of young Americans showed how less intelligent counterparts go to sleep early and wake up early while their more intelligent counterparts were nocturnal and woke up late on mornings. So, staying up late actually means you’re brighter than the rest.

Also, President Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley were all in the habit of being night owls, it just as well might be you’re one exceptional person in the making!

2. Swearing

The common stereotype that has been doing the rounds for past decades has disregarded individuals in the habit of swearing under the presumption that they have a smaller vocabulary or run out of things to say.

A study by researchers at Marist College in New York challenges this stereotype by explaining how people who score higher on the IQ meter are in the frequent habit of swearing. It indicates that when you swear, it is because you actually have a vocabulary bigger than the rest.

The study further resolves how swearing often reflects your higher rhetoric skill than the urge in normal individuals to suppress verbal deficits. Profanity express an individual’s raw emotions, ones they have not been filtered. So, these individuals truly reveal how they feel and are consequently more honest than the ones who do not swear.

Swearing relieves both emotional and physical stress and takes away your pain so that is why you often feel better after you curse in an unfortunate situation. So, if you are a potty mouth, there’s news to celebrate and swear on.

3. Having A Messy Room

A psychologist at Minnesota University discovered that a messy room and intelligence go hand in hand. If you aren’t busy cleaning your room and organizing things, it might be because you are occupied with more significant tasks at hand.

A messy environment gives way to overflowing of creativity in individuals. So, when you keep that stack of books on the floor and not on the book shelf, it’s because you’re thinking out of the box.

Kathleen Voghs, a psychological scientist associated disorderly or messy environments with breaking away from convention.

This mess allows you to nurture fresh insights and actually think out of the box whereas orderly environment adheres to conventional and traditional thinking.

“Everyone is born with an instinct of success, and ability to make it, but only the ones who think out of the box succeed.”

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