More Than 101


A couple of years ago, I remember writing an article that I titled “101”.

It was my 101st article on my website Life Coach Code and I chose that name because it was a symbol, a reminder that this journey has no start and no end.

That’s why I didn’t chose to write for the 100th article but the 101st, as a symbol for making bigger goals and honoring your past achievements.

It was such a big deal for me back than to know that I have written 101 articles. I thought it’s a lot!

It was hard, really hard if I think about it. I remember thinking that I didn’t have known how hard following your heart can sometimes get.

But whenever we start a journey, we do not know about the obstacles that are on the journey. And this ignorance really is bless because it gives us a chance to be stupid, to start an insane journey of changing the world just because of how much we love something.

However, as the journey goes and as we face these obstacles we realize it’s not as easy as we thought. But what we love is so powerful that we don’t even consider stopping, we are glad that we started the journey.

And we get to our “101”.We honor our achievements and we keep moving forward. We make new goals and we keep making our dreams come true. We make new dreams and expand our vision to include so many beautiful things we have never imagined that we will have the courage to dream of.

But the thing is, as we move forward we forget about our obstacles. We forget that the path was hard and we stood there, in midst of the storm, being punched and spit on from everyone around us. But we kept moving forward.

We forget about the people who helped us on our journey. We forget about the people who we helped. We forget about all the courageous individuals who inspired us and motivated us to keep going forward.

However, the most important thing we forget is the reason we started this journey in the first place. We forget about the one thing that kept us going forward. We forget what we loved before everything else.

Here I am today, writing an article titled “More Than 101”.

I have written 10 times more articles than 101, than what I thought was a big deal just a couple of years ago!

I now know, I am sure that each and every single one of us can do so much more than we let ourselves believe we can.

But I have forgotten about the essence that gave wind to my sails all these years.

I have forgotten about the reason I have started all of this.

So I had to remind myself.

And funny enough, I found my answers in the article “101”. You see, I didn’t realize when I was writing the “101” article that I was saying more than just that this journey had no start and no end. I was revealing something much more important.

With the symbol of “101” I was telling myself that this journey started a long before the 1st article, that the journey itself is about something bigger and much more important than the number of articles I have on my website, it’s bigger than the website itself and its bigger than I can probably imagine right now.

It’s about a dream and a purpose, it’s about something much more important.

As I read the “101” article I found the reason why I kept doing all of this, why I started all of this, why I will continue doing all of this!

And that’s why I am titling this article “More Than 101” because it’s not about the number of articles, it’s about the purpose behind those articles.

So I am making “More Than 101” be a symbol for looking beyond your “101” and reminding yourself of the purpose you started going after your “101”.

There is no finish line, there is no start. There is only the purpose that gives birth to your dreams and your will to follow your heart.

Follow your heart find your 101s and keep walking!

P.S. In the previous article I wrote that we are growing and becoming The League Of Websites that will change the world. I am happy to say that we are more than 2 websites right now, we are a team of people who are already starting to change the world. We keep on growing and expanding our team of Superhumans that will create the platform for people to evolve into Superhumans!