12 Unusual Strengths Of People Who Love Spending Time Alone…


Are you an extrovert or introvert? It is said that extroverts are the breath of life while introverts are the depth of life.

In whatever type you think you belong, embrace fully your uniqueness. No one is better than the other because each of us complements one another.

Because introverts comprise 30% of the population, extroverts see them as different and sometimes unyielding to conventional standards.

They may appear distant, but it’s a strength they must give attention to due to the gifts they could bring to others.

Before you demand an explanation from introverts why they need to spend time alone, read this first:

12 Character Strengths of People Who Love Spending Time Alone
Strengths Of People Who Love Spending Time Alone

1. They are loyal friends.

Compared to others, they don’t have a wide circle of friends and you seldom see them in every social gathering. What they seek out are meaningful and trustworthy friends whom they love to share their space with including their life’s every detail. They are the kind of friends who would stick with you through thick and thin.

2. They are open-minded.

They are open to new ideas. When you invite them to a big social event, they might conform with you. Just give them the quiet time they need to prepare themselves.

3. They are level-headed.

Because they spend a lot of quiet times alone, they have enough time to think and contemplate every circumstance, situation, or problem over. They see the bigger picture and where they are in it. They have a strong sense of self that makes them confident with who they are and radiate it effortlessly. When feeling stressed out, they know how to recharge without losing balance.

4. They are comfortable with their own thoughts.

Some people avoid being alone because their own thoughts make them uncomfortable. However, people who are accustomed to being alone are so in tune with their thoughts that they don’t struggle with conscience issues. They may have their down days, but they are able to navigate through it with much tranquility.

5. They value time.

People who love to be alone see each moment they spend in quietude as precious. For them, no time is ever wasted. They value every time you give them as well as the time they give you. Thus, they make sure to give you quality time and avoid to give their time to people who would only waste it.

6. They exercise strong boundaries.

Because their thinking is clear, people who spend time alone know exactly what motivates and inspires them to take action. They communicate this effectively. Their greatest strength lies in exercising strong and healthy boundaries and they express this in a clear and healthy manner.

7. They are extremely creative.

Being an introvert comes with the perk of having free time to explore your own world. The vehicle of exploration is as strong as your imagination and creativity. Introverts exercise their creativity daily and that’s why they have it developed to almost extreme levels.

8. They are thoughtful.

Unlike most of us, introverted individuals give a lot more attention to things that we don’t take as much important. They will never eat in front someone who is hungry, for example. They will always wait for their food to arrive before they start eating.

9. They have good manners.

Their appearance might look shy, but what they actually do is practice their good manners. They are really observant of other people’s needs and really aware of what can be annoying and inappropriate. They don’t want to be loud, they remember to open a door, to thank someone for doing something for them. They don’t chase to be loved by everyone, it’s just in their nature to have good manners.

10. They are original.

Having a lot of time to think on their own and being highly creative, introverted individuals come up with many original ideas. Even their style, way of talking, things they like, music they listen to, everything is original. Their way of life is not copied from some idolized character or a person they look up to. Introverted individuals create their own unique style.

11. They are really observant to details.

The reason for their introversion is actually their hypersensitive perception of details. Spending time around other people can be really stimulating for them as they are bombarded with a lot of information. They process this information subconsciously and it takes them a lot of mental energy. Introverted individuals prefer being alone because that’s how they recharge. However, this super perception makes them superheroes when it comes to details. They are like detectives that perceive things others are blind to.

12. They have strong EQ.

Introverted individuals are better at reading other people’s body language. Even if they are not aware, they subconsciously examine other people’s body changes. People who love spending time alone are hyperaware of how other people feel, sometimes even before other people realize how they feel themselves.

You might have a friend, a family, or an acquaintance who have these qualities. Or, you might be one of them.

We all are unique beings in this universe. What matters is we embrace who we are and celebrate our differences.