These Are The Top 25 Career Choices For Empaths…


Choosing the right career is important, especially if you are an Empath.

When you’re labeled as an empath, this means that you’re one of those that are deeply concerned for those around you.

This can both be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing that on happy days, you can also absorb in the joy of others.

In the bad days, however, you also take in the sadness of others like that of an emotional sponge.

As an empath in the workplace, this could mean that you can get emotionally absorbed by everything that’s happening around you.

Finding themselves in the wrong one makes empaths feel unfulfilled and stressed. It can even be emotionally draining and damaging to their health.

If, as an empath, you work not for money but for the love of it, then you must make sure that you enjoy and excel at a job where your temperament fits.

Here, you’re able to put your heart out into all that you do, such that you don’t settle for mediocrity each day when you set foot in your workplace.

With a job that you love, you’re able to create that happy and contented life that makes you feel motivated to continue doing your job.

It is essential that you channel your intuition, pensiveness, quietness, and creativity, instead of suppressing them because your job requires you to.

Things every Empath should know before choosing a career:

Even when a person is considered as an empath, it’s also important to note that no two people are alike.

Each person has their respective personality types, temperaments, and interests that they bring along with them in their workplace.

So, when it comes to choosing a career, this will still have to boil down to your personal preference.

Some of these considerations would include factors that can apply universally to empaths as they try to trod on the right path for them.

Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is also very important, such that you can better create that delicate work life balance.

You strive in smaller companies with fewer people and less stress than in big corporations where noise, intrigues, and energy vampires abound.

The flexibility of working from home also inspires an empath because of the regular breaks that you need to decompress and the ability to manage your own time.

When you work for a company, it might be possible for you to take advantage of the advanced technology and station your work at home.

If it isn’t possible, you have to participate in social interactions required of your work without pushing yourself too hard.

Balancing alone-time with people-time must be put into consideration. Strong boundaries are necessary to prevent emotional drain.

Since empaths have different temperaments, they must follow a career path where their sensitive nature isn’t challenged.

What are the EXACT best careers for empath?Top 25 Career Choices For Empaths

1. Being self-employed:

Having the freedom to set up their own schedules sparks the creativity and passion in empaths. Emotional freedom is of crucial importance for their creative potential. Empaths do well being self-employed as:

– Writers;

– Editors;

– Medical professional;

– Artists;

– Website and graphic designers;

– Virtual assistants;

– Accountants;

– Lawyers;

– Electricians;

– Plumbers;

– Real-estate;

– Business consulting;

2. Outdoor professions:

Outdoor professions are also good career choices since empaths get to be with nature. Empaths do well in outdoor professions as:

– Landscape design;

– Horticulture;

– Forest ranger;

– Botanist;

3. People helping professions:

The helping professions satisfy the need of empaths to heal others. They are natural healers and a career in such field will only help them realize their full potential. Empaths do well in helping professions as:

– Energy Healers;

– Physicians;

– Nurses;

– Therapists;

– Social Workers;

– Teachers;

– Life Coaches;

– Animal Rescue;

– Non-Profit Organizations;

Regardless of their career choices, empaths must make sure that the stress inherent in their profession won’t consume all their energy.

It’s very important that you do your part in moving up the career ladder or adding to your credentials since the jobs enumerated above can be quite competitive.

In doing so, even as an empath, you’re able to maximize the career benefits, especially in the healthcare industry, that you’re set to gain from the above.

They need to have in mind that they are prone to exceed their energy limit by thinking or feeling too much. So healthy boundaries are their life saving tool!

Taking regular breaks to clean their heads, meditation, and taking the time to relax and refuel must be included in their schedule.

These are the worst careers for empaths:

– Police Service;

– Firefighting;

The above professions, though heroic, aren’t good for empaths because of the great amount of physical, emotional and psychological risks they demand. It can be too stressful for the sensitive nature of empaths.

A career in sales drains an empath’s energy since it’s a job that requires much extroversion. Dealing with angry or upset customers is extremely stressful for an empath.

Because empaths adopt other people’s emotions and reactions, they feel intimidated in hectic surroundings. Thus, they may not do well in public relations, politics, as executives working with large group of people, and intensive professions requiring extroversion and certain aggressiveness.

In fact, it’s best for Empaths to avoid working in fields that require interaction with people in large periods.


Empaths don’t thrive in big corporations because they find difficulty in accepting the corporate mentality that doesn’t value an individual’s needs and independent way of thinking.

Nevertheless, empaths do well in all kinds of jobs. But it’s essential for them to find the right one to help stimulate their skills, talents, and character without draining their emotional energy.

When considering professions, empaths must use their intuition to judge whether they’re a good fit for a company’s mission, goals, values, and energy.

In general, empaths thrive best in a job of their own. It’s one where they excel at and perform their best. But if such is not an option for you, you must see to it that you are comfortable in whatever position you hold.

The happier you are, the better able you are to live out your purpose and express your empathic skills.

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Reference: Dr. Orloff’s amazing book “The Empath’s Survival Guide