7 Signs You’ve Reached Your Highest Potential…


We are born whole. However, the moment we are born we start moving further and further away from this wholeness.

The laws of society, our parents, and even our own perception of the world, make us believe that we are not enough. So we start compensating by being less who we really are paradoxically being less and less enough.

When you are born you are already living your highest potential because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You are just you, being.

And when you get back to this state of YOUness you start experiencing these signs again. That’s when you start living with your full and highest potential! It’s like the hero’s journey in a way.

7 Signs You Have Reached Your Highest PotentialSigns You've Reached Your Highest Potential

1. You no longer care about the opinion of other people.

When you first embark on your journey, most people around you may be half-hearted, criticizing or contradicting your decisions. All because it is new for them. They are not used to seeing you in that light, believing they have known you enough to tell what you can or can’t do.

Obviously, you received their comments with a tinge of pain. It’s normal. You cared for these people and you still do. And it’s always the people closest to us who keep us from shining in our true light the most. It’s because that light reveals their deepest shadows they desperately try to run away from.

It doesn’t mean you must go on recklessly without considering how your decision may affect others, it only means you have to go beyond the limitations others have set for you.

By being true to yourself, attaining your highest potential is much easier. In fact, it comes naturally.

2. You have a direct command of your bedtime.

Whether you consider yourself a night owl or an early bird doesn’t matter. Others say intelligent people are night owls, while early birds catch worms.

Wherever you are in this spectrum, remember that what matters is that you listen to your body and give it the rest it deserves.

Nothing can make you more productive than having a healthy body.

Respecting your body and energy is a sure sign you start living your full potential.

3. You spend money on yourself, not how others expect you to.

This means you have reached the point where you allocate your money on important things that benefit you and support your long-term goals.

You are no longer following the dictates of the society or your social circles about buying things to show off or to have the newest ‘in’ thing.

You have reached your highest potential when you know the difference between what matters and what doesn’t and you live by it.

Honoring your heart before your ego is a sure sign you live your highest potential!

4. You look at your past with gratefulness.

You may have a fair share of life’s battles in the past, yet you are able to look at it from this moment’s perspective of gratefulness, not for the pains it gave you, but for the lessons learned and the strengths gained.

Dwelling in the past with a victim’s mindset is self-defeating. No one can undo the past. We’ve all fought something, you are not the only one who has experienced such dreadful past.

But when you are able to accept your past without bitterness, it means you are honoring and accepting your darkness and that’s a sure sign to wholeness.

It signifies you are on your way to achieving your highest potential.

5. You accept your mistakes.

Nobody is perfect. No matter how intelligent a person appears, from time to time we all make mistakes.

The more you realize your shortcomings and admit them, the more you are adept at learning from your mistakes.

When you fully accept your mistakes and take responsibility for them without pointing a finger to other people, you are expediting your way to success.

You are taking complete responsibility for your life and that’s a sure sign you are free to be the best version of yourself!

6. You easily give compliments when it is due.

Being happy for the accomplishment of others is a sure sign of maturity. Not only that, it also makes you more inspired to focus on achieving your goals.

Feeling jealous, on the other hand, not only will cause you a vast amount of mental and emotional energy but provide you with negative vibes too.  When you give a genuine compliment, you are setting up good energies, making other people look forward to seeing your own accomplishments too.

It means you accept yourself and see yourself as enough, and whatever someone else does is not detrimental to your state.

This is a sure sign you are unconditionally whole.

7. You develop the value of patience.

Impatience could bring you nowhere. Even practicing patience takes time, but you pursue it because you know that every big accomplishment in life took the time to develop and prosper.

When you choose to be patient, you are steering from short term gratification towards your higher purpose. You are giving time for your purpose to flourish.

A daily dose of patience makes it easier for you to navigate your way to achieving your goals as well as reaching your highest potential. A tree never rushes to grow as highest as possible, it just grows until it reaches its highest potential.

Patience is a sure sign you are growing to your highest potential!