These Are The 3 Divine Truths You Will Discover When You Reach Higher Levels Of Enlightenment


“What you are seeking is seeking you.” – Rumi

When seeking enlightenment, it’s inevitable to grope our way in the dark.

At times, we’re like dogs chasing our own tail without knowing that what we seek is within us. But when we manage to find our way into higher consciousness, everything changes, and we see things differently.

Here are the 3 divine truths you’ll discover when you reach higher levels of enlightenment:

3 Divine Truths3 Divine Truths

1. Reality is a projection of the observer.

The Daoist believed that the journey to enlightenment starts by turning the eyes inside out. Also, there’s an African proverb that states, “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot touch you.”

Even science starts to scratch this truth by trying to understand the quantum world. One scientific experiment proved that the observer literally creates the outcome of reality solely by its observation. Another research claimed that human emotion shapes reality. So, putting everything together we come to realization that what spiritual people were saying ages ago, that reality is just a projection, is not just a metaphor but a literal fact.

As we reach a higher consciousness, we come to realize that the world around us is nothing but a projection of our inner world. What we have inside, we manifest outside. Our quest for happiness, enlightenment, and satisfaction lies in filling ourselves with light and love that we radiate into the world.

Awareness is like a field of energy which is best described in the words of Mai Agate Valjataga:

“Awareness is in your whole being, awareness of itself is like a light inside, do not imagine in as the sort of light you see, light and awareness is one of the same things.”

2. Everything is a part of the same oneness.

We are all one, connected to each other and all of the creation. LJ Vanier has this perception of unity consciousness:

“The universe is sexual. The universe is playful. The universe is God. My physical body is the projection of my creator because I am just a cell in its body. I see that the planets are also cells, and we are cells within those same cells. My aura is my protoplasm and my body is the nucleus. The entire universe is a creation at all moments, cell multiplication, and death. I see the big bang as the moment the sperm entered the egg. I see the milky way as the semen of the gods, and I see that I am a universe. Because I am capable of creating life, and I am part of creation, I am also a god. When we create life we are creating a universe of cells, with their own unique consciousness, no matter how small.”

All our memories are contained in our cells and the zero quantum field. All human beings know everything all there is needed to know. Only that we forget. We are yet to discover how to read that field. Again.

3. Compassion is much more important than what we think it is.

It is believed that unless a soul possesses pure and genuine compassion for others, a person cannot be truly considered a soul incarnate.

Compassion, on the other hand, isn’t always easy to attain and uphold to a higher perspective. It requires us to set aside our ego and elevate ourselves until we see every being as a child.

In a sense, we are all infants in this universe. We need to obtain an enlightened mind that we may rise above and take the high road.

Once enlightened, our soul would finally see the light within, having the conscious choice to be righteous in judgment, in understanding, and in love.

Being righteous doesn’t have to mean being right. It means showing love, compassion, and understanding regardless of what we think is right.

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