4 Rare Superpowers Every Empath Has But Doesn’t Know About…


As an empath, your sensitive nature may overwhelm you at times, especially when the energies from your environment are hard to contain.

But before dwelling on the downsides of being an empath, consider the rare superpowers only you can have. You may even want to sharpen your empathic skills to your best advantage.

Here Are 4 Rare Superpowers Every Empath Has:Superpowers Empath

1. Reading other’s minds.

Having a psychic ability is a rare gift which empaths do possess. While everyone is able to read other’s minds, taking cues from their body language and verbal discourses, empaths take it a bit further by receiving psychic images, statements, hues, or smells.  They are exposed to realities beyond that of any ordinary person.

Being an empath, you are able to walk a step further in someone else’s shoes and know exactly how it feels to be like them.

You can help others by guiding them back to the truth when you sense they’re lying even if they think they’re doing exactly the opposite.

You can easily learn from other people’s mistakes or success and even avoid wrong turns or arguments when you sense they’re coming.

Feeling everything is a gift but only if you embrace it and stop running away from it. You can use it to your best advantage.

2. Being your own emotional hero.

Feeling the emotions of others while feeling your own at the same time might be burdensome. But if you know how to discern it and use it for your emotional growth, you’ll have a superpower not everyone has the chance to play with.

Self-empathy is listening to your own feelings and thoughts and acting compassionately towards yourself. Perceiving this could help you communicate properly with others.

Let’s say, someone remarked: This president is going to ruin the nation. Upon hearing this, your internal dialogue may respond: This person had no clue how everyone is affecting the nation and the planet, and other factors are contributing to it as well. He’s a jerk. Yet, when you are aware of how your thoughts are flowing, you will honor them and communicate them in a more loving way.

You then are able to tweak your internal dialogue into a more positive one. You’d likely say: What this person states may be alarming to me because it’s at odds with how I see the world, but I also don’t want to get at odds with this person.

From your emotional place, you will likely respond to this person: Yes, each of us may be ruining the world, but we could also make it a better place by sharing our thoughts, deeds, and actions positively every day. This statement may expand the awareness of the other person and also shows your alignment with your purpose. Being aware of your emotions and thought flow is a superpower indeed, if you use it right!

3. Transmuting the negativity that you feel.

Empaths are extremely aware of the negative energies that are around them.

Some empaths can recognize the negative energies immediately, they will feel emotional repulsion towards someone and they will have no idea why.

They also have the ability to sense the negative energies that linger in a room where a previous argument or negative conversation took place.

When you feel this negative energy, you have the power to convert it into a positive one. You can do a five-minute Tonglen meditation, or bring plants and flowers which have high energy to a place with low energy. You can also utter positive and encouraging words and thoughts to people affected by the negativity.

If you can find humor in the situation, apply it. Laughter is the best way to create positivity and can lighten up everybody’s mood. The sole act of being aware of negative energies gives you advantage to not be influenced by them and a chance to transmute them into positive.

4. Using your sensitivity in acquiring a highly coveted skill.

As an empath, you find yourself with lots of discomforts. Your nose revolts against certain smells, your stomach may suffer from gastrointestinal distress brought about by non-organic foods, you need quieter surroundings to get some sleep and even an alone time where you can unload all the smells, sights, sounds, and emotions you have absorbed all throughout the day.

Rather than focusing on these discomforts, you can twist it to your advantage.

You could become a perfumer and start your own company using natural scents. You could start your own organic food business, or you could start providing quiet spaces such as gardens, libraries, or meditation rooms that not only benefit you but others as well.

You never can tell how others would be grateful for your gift. Everything that you are more sensitive about, is something your senses perceive better than others. Use that!

As long as you accept your sensitive nature and find ways where you can use it fully to your advantage, you are able to expand your empathic skills, fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Empathy is a superpower alone and yet, it comes with other superpowers too. You alone can turn it into a blessing instead of a curse. Even better, into a superpower!

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