What’s The First Thing You See On This Image? It Reveals Important Elements Of Your Personality…


We are all wired differently. Depending on this wiring, we experience the world much differently than others. We notice things that others don’t and we build a reality based on our perception. Most of all, we build ourselves based on our perception.

Our personality is built upon our perception and vice versa. Both of them are strongly connected. If you glimpse into the one you can easily guess the other, if you know how.

There are psychological tests that can easily determine someone’s personality based on what their perception first picks up on. Here is one of them that will reveal important elements from your personality!

What’s the first thing that you see on this image:

What You First See

NOTE: The first thing that you notice when looking at this image is your result.

Butterfly – Creative And Optimistic

You are a creative individual who has vast imagination. You always look on the bright side and are strong support for people when they are down or feel sad. Even though sometimes you might feel a little depressed and overwhelmed by the constant optimism, deep inside you know that there is a lot of happiness inside of you.

Best jobs for you include writing, painting or creating.

Face – Introverted And Intelligent

You are highly intelligent person. You always look into details to find what doesn’t work and how to make something better. You always find the best and most effective ways for doing things and others might see you as perfectionist. Your introversion comes from the overstimulation you get around people and crowds, your ability to pick on so many details drains your energy.

Best jobs for you include analysis, calculation or engineering.

Flower Or Two Aliens Kissing – Dreamer And Free Spirit

You are a person who loves to dream. You think outside of the box and you get ideas that no one would dare to think of. You don’t like to be contained into one place, relationship or anything that limits your vast point of view. You love adventures, trying new things and learning about new topics.

Best jobs for you include exploration, travel or experimenting.

Body – Sensual And Outgoing

You are a very social person. You are your best self around people and love to be the center of attention. You love telling stories and sharing experiences with your friends. You love moving your body, dancing and helping others. You can’t stand being locked up in a room. You are extremely passionate and highly romantic. Not a lot of people enjoy intimacy as much as you do.

Best jobs for you include moving your body, talking to other people or negotiating.

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