7 Ways To Increase The Flow Of Energy Throughout Your Whole Being


In the era of instant noodles, we are losing touch of ourselves while trying to claim everything else. It’s time that we stop for a minute and reconnect with ourselves.

Spending a couple of minutes adjusting your being before you start the day can be of crucial significance.

7 Ways To Increase The Flow Of Energy Throughout Your Whole BeingWays To Increase Flow Of Energy

It is important that we are thoroughly conscious of the entire process!

1. Chakra System

The chakra framework depicts the engineering of the human soul. It is a significant equation for wholeness, a layout for change, and a guide for indication.

Its seven centers relate to nerve ganglia along the whole body and speak to fundamental parts of the human mind. However, these centers sometimes get clogged and need a proper hygiene just like our body that gets dirty and needs to be washed.

Learning to balance your Chakra System and maintain it daily will tremendously increase the flow of energy throughout your whole being

2. Meditation

This is a practice that anyone should do, daily. Meditation is a way to refresh your mind and get a sense of clarity.

You encounter a state of relaxing mindfulness in which your body is resting profoundly while your psyche is wakeful, however, peaceful.

It fills your being with energy, and, recent scientific research proved that it has many benefits for your brain’s health.

3. Karmic Release

By confronting the dim night of the spirit we can look through the negativity we have been harbouring within ourselves.

This natural buildup from the past needs to be disposed of.

When you have distinguished what you need to discharge, invest some energy journaling about how your life will be diverse when you change.

4. Chanting mantras

Mantras resemble small statements of purpose to the universe. When we set a goal, we set vibrations. The words trigger their own individual recurrence.

Chanting Mantras can help us regain our focus and patience.

The act of saying them fills us with focused energy that flows towards our intent.

5. Cord cutting

It is essential for our personal growth that we cut all the negative ties in our life.

There are times when we are clinging to something because it seems safer and we are not willing to take risk, but the truth is at one point of time we have to let it go, for ourselves.

Once you cut the people and things that drain you of your energy, you will get back that energy and have it daily.

6. Be aware of your movements

Moving your body can give you more energy even though it might sound counter intuitive. There is a stagnant energy in all of us that can be activated if we move our bodies.

Try dancing, yoga, running, and you will reactivate your stagnant energy.

It is important for us to be aware of our bodily demands and also to strike a balance between our body movements and inner peace.

7. Gratitude and compassion

We live in a world where people don’t think a second before criticising others but become completely mum when it comes to appreciation. We need to let this vicious lifestyle go.

It is important that we not just accept but appreciate the goodness around us. Complimenting others will make you give yourself more compliments. It will make you feel good and happy. A happy mind and happy soul will help you lead a happy life. It’s important that you focus on striking a balance between the two.

Breathe, accept and let go. Nothing lasts forever. Celebrate every day, it will energize you, make you absorb and emit positive vibes.

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