8 Unusual ‘Problems’ Only An Old Soul Will Experience


Being and Old Soul makes you stand out from the crowd by default. Most of the things that ordinary people love to do are just boring for an Old Soul, and most of the things Old Souls love doing are kind of weird for others.

Being and Old Soul is like being a grown up among children. You are the wise one among people who need guidance.

You love doing grown up things like having deep conversations or drinking tea while listening to the rain.

But the children around you have more excited energy. What they love doing is just tiring and boring for you, other things have more meaning.

That’s why Old Souls face ‘problems’ that most people don’t even think of.

Here are some of the problems only Old Souls deal with:

8 ‘Problems’ Only Old Souls FaceProblems Only Old Souls Face

1. You love hanging out with older people.

Being an old soul, you simply find joy in talking with older people than you do with children of your age.

They appear more interesting to you because your understanding is more advanced than that of your peers. Talking with older people makes you feel wise and you enjoy their calmer and more grounded energy than that of younger people.

2. You have difficulty walking away from a conversation.

You love to share ideas that others find interesting and enlightening. Once you start the conversation, you find difficulty in closing it, especially when people are much eager to hear from you.

You’re also an earnest listener, willing to help people who come to you in search of ideas and solutions.

3. Your idea of fun is not appreciated by other people.

Old souls love to sit by the fireplace, read a book, hug a tree, or spend time with nature. But your friends won’t understand this and would, instead, invite you to join with them in going to the disco, which seems dreadful for you. This is a common problem of younger old souls.

Don’t lose heart though. Find someone who shares the same interest with you. Old souls may be just hanging around waiting for anybody to invite them to have a walk in nature.

4. Your solitude may affect your relationships.

Most old souls are introverts. It’s not that they are introverts by default, but the way they tend to live their life molds them into being more introverted. Being one, you find peace in aloneness, but most importantly, a time for self inspection and self discovery, something an Old Soul craves for.

This leads you to difficulty in finding a mate because you’re not that ‘exposed.’ You spend less time hanging out with friends and going out.

5. You don’t truly feel at home.

You’ve incarnated into this world a hundred times. This might be the reason why you don’t feel truly at home on earth.

You feel you don’t belong to any particular place because you belong out there where your soul finds its rest. Or exploring the depths of the Cosmos, uncovering different forms of being and melodies of existence.

6. You have difficulty trusting your own intuition.

Old souls are intuitive. But you often choose to be logical and disregard the urges of your intuition.

Applying logic to your personal and professional affairs sometimes leads you to missed opportunities.

7. You are stubborn and difficult to influence.

As an old soul, you have set of beliefs that slowly evolve over time. You hang on and stand with these beliefs until the end, making it difficult for others to influence your way of thinking.

This might make you look stubborn and, sometimes, you might even not realize you are stuck. But having your own thoughts and making your own decisions is one of the most important things for you.

8. You already understood what others struggle to understand.

Having experienced hundreds of lifetimes, you’re wiser than new souls. But, old souls are fewer in number compared to the new souls. This makes new souls misunderstand your thoughts and ideas. Others find it harder to perceive your point of view and advanced way of thinking.

Sometimes it even gets on your nerves how people do not understand what they are doing not realizing they do the same mistakes over and over again. You see beyond the patterns of their thinking and it’s really irritating not being able to make them understand. But you know that it’s their journey, not yours, and if they do not understand themselves, no one can make them.

No matter how tough or funny these problems may appear to you, bear in mind that you are here to be patient in guiding these new souls. With the passage of time and experience, they’ll come to your level one day.

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